Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Update

Another WoW weekend has passed and it was a busy one once again. Just a look at how my weend went when I wasn't hiding Easter Eggs and eating homemade Carne Asada...mmmmmmm.

Raiding: I did a lot of my Raiding earlier in the week. This included OS25 and VoA 25 on my Druid and VoA 25 on my Warrior. My Druid picked up his T 7.5 gloves which made me a happy camper. My Warrior made off with two pieces for Deadly Gladiator gear (chest and legs) despite the fact that I have done no arenas this season. That is my third piece of deadly lol. Over the weekend, I ran VoA 10 on my Druid for a few more Emblems. I also got into a Naxx 25 on my Warrior. It went mostly well except for people continously dropping and going afk. We blew through the Arachnid wing quickly and I picked up a nice pair of tanking bracers (which I accidentally sold and had to put in a GM ticket to get them back o_0). We decided to take on the Construct Quarter next. Patchwerk and Grobbulus went down in one shot. Somewhere we lost some healers and ended up with just 4. We two shotted Gluth with the 4 healers (and only about 20-22 members in Raid) and tried Thaddius a few times. People are still dumb on Thaddius.

Heroics: I ran a fair share of Heroics this weekend, especially last night. I grabbed some of my in-game friends including Occeleta and headed off to Nexus. The group included my DK buddy who was putting out about 3k dps in each run. We had some scrub pug tank with 23k health. We did Nexus with few problems including getting the Heroic only boss and 6 other mobs on one pull. I somehow managed to keep everyone alive. We one shotted every boss in Nexus.

We then moved over to DTK. Not a difficult instance at all, but it can be somewhat of a pain with a nub tank. Everything went pretty decently until we hit King Dred. The first time, we wiped after I got feared up the stairs and I could not get back to the tank in time. We then wiped again when the tank didnt pick up one of the adds, who proceeded to kill me while I was feared. The tank decided to eat dinner for about ten minutes before the next try. We downed him this time without a hitch. Then we were onto the last boss. AKA the easiest Heroic boss ever. It started badly when the dumb tank did not move out of the poison and died. Then one of our rogues died. When our DK raised him as a ghoul, the bosses health reset. Then he did not change us to skeletons again until he got to about 20 percent. He did not changes us back after that until he was dead. It was all very strange.

After that, we decided to finish up the evening with a Gundrak run. We one shotted every boss, but we had quite a few deaths. Included in the deaths were at least one rogue getting killed on every pull where a mob had retalliation. Bladestorm plus retalliation equals a very dead rogue. After the run I was able to get the Book of Obscure Remedies, which is a very nice off hand item.

Leveling: I did not get to level with my fiancee this weekend as she has been very busy reading the Twilight series. This did not however stop me from playing my Paladin. I finally finished all of the quests in Borean Tundra and got the achivement. I then made a decision that I would finish off Dragonblight and take my fiancee to either Grizzly Hills or Zul Drak for leveling next time we play together. With the help of Occeleta on his DK, I got all of the elite quests done there. I am pumping out some very nice dps on my Paladin. I am still out DPSing my sister's level 80 Ret Paladin. I think it may have something to do with her rotation. I also got some assistance with the Ring of Conquest and got me a shiny new De-Raged Waraxe, which will last me until level 80.

One of the highlights of my leveling weekend was getting to play with one of my oldest in-game friends, Lon. We took him on his first instance run in WotLK which ended up being Utgarrde Keep. He brought his healer along, I brought my Ret Pally, my sister brought hers, and the same two buddies from my heroics brought their lower level 70 toons. We blew through the instance in no time. I dont think we even had a death until our tank got Dark Smashed at the very end. It was great fun to get some of the old crew back together.

I played enough on my DK over the weekend to get within 1.5 bars of 62. This was mostly done in a single Ramparts run that included Occeleta on his Shaman. We ended up 4 manning the instance. Occeleta ended up having to heal as Elemental spec. The other two in the run was a DK tank and a Ret Paladin. I must admit that DKs are horribly overpowered. At level 61 I did nearly 700 dps over the entire instance. That is just insane for that level.

I even brushed of my Warlock a bit this weekend. I ran him up to Howling Fjorde and banged out a few of the starter quests. The felguard spec I am using is incredibly easy, but also pretty boring. I will be glad to go back to affliction eventually.

Money Making: I made a decent little bit of money over the weekend, but not as much as I could have. I found a nice little market niche that is raking in a nice bit of cash. I have been buying out an uncut blue quality gem for 12-14 gold, cutting them, and then reselling them for 30-50 gold each. I sold about 15 of them over the weekend. I will elaborate more in a future post. The Glyph business is going slow but steady with the same annoying assholes undercutting things by 50 percent or more.

I hope you all had a great Easter and a profitable WoW weekend.

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