Tuesday, April 14, 2009

3.1 in the HIZZOUSE!!!!

(Malygos IRL.....got him down with only one drake left :P)

Well, the day has finally arrived. 3.1 is upon us. Now is the time to look at all of the new and exciting features that will be available to us. Some of the highlights of the patch include:

Ulduar: The newest raid instance. A bunch of new bosses who will supposedly be much tougher than what we faced in Naxxramas. We will be battling Titans so that we can reach Yogg-Saron and stop his plan to destroy Northrend and the world. From all of the videos, the instance looks beautiful and the bosses look like fun. There will be hard modes for most of the bosses that will reward raids with better loot just like Sarth plus Drakes. There are over 800 combined loot drops in 10 and 25 man Ulduar.

The Argent Tournament: One of the most exciting things to me is the new Argent Tournament. Become a champion of your faction and battle it out like the Knights of the Round table. The rewards will be bountiful. You will receive marks for completing the dailies which can be used to purchase new Pets, Mounts, and Weapons. The pets are BoE, which means that you pet collectors can send them to other characters or sell them on the AH. This also means that you can gouge...errrrr help out the opposite faction by putting them on the neutral auction house. On an unrelated pet note, Sprite Darter Pets now have a chance to drop off of the Sprite Darters in Feralas. They will be BoE. Expect to make some major money selling these to Horde if you can wrangle one up.

Dual Specs: Perhaps one of the most anticipated features of 3.1 is the ability to use Dual Specs. For 1000 gold, you will be able to create two different specs that you can switch back and forth between if you are not in combat. There will be no reagent to use this ability. You will also be able to use seperate sets of Glyphs for each spec. One of the best new features is the ability to place talent points and take them away before setting them. This means no more flubbed specs. I would look to do this immediately if you have the money.

Fishing Dailies and Rewards: Noticeably missing from the beginning of the expansion was the fishing dailies. This has been remedied with 3.1. Amongst the possible rewards for completing a fishing daily include a Crab Pet. You may also fish up a Turtle mount while out there fishing in the world. There will also be a new kind of rare lock box that you gain through fishing that has a chance to contain several valuable items including new epic gems and rare gems as well.

There is so much content with the new patch, you will probably not get to all of it today. Enjoy all the new shinies.


Tnotakuguy said...

Hi Drax, My name is Bakihanma. I discovered your blog several weeks ago when one of your posts got featured on Wow Insider. Your wow blog along with your friend Occeletta has inspired me to create my own wow blog. Please check it out and see what you think. I am always looking for new friends, especially in the Wow communtiy. I hope that I can be yours and Occalettas friend and to be added to your friend and blog list.

On commenting to your latest post, I am looking forward to mainly Swimming mounts and 30 minute Hearthstone.

Darraxus said...

Added to my blogroll :) Make me proud lol.

Occeleta said...

Sprite Darter- BoE sure. But only drop off Sprite Darters currently only killable by Horde. So they are to be making gold off that one. Specially off the lazy Alliance who look for them on Neutral AH instead of going through the pain in the butt quest chain.