Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend Update

Another wonderful weekend came and went. Now we get to slog our way through another week at the office. Another fun weekend in WoW. On with the updates.
Raiding: Once again, there was no raiding on my warrior. There was lots of raiding on my Druid (in 25 mans at least). I started out with a Heroic Archavon and Heroic OS for some quick and easy emblems. Both of them went down in one shot although it appeared that people were doing their best job to fail at Sarth. I got very lucky this weekend and got into a Guild Naxx 25 on Saturday afternoon (not my guild). We cleared all 4 quarters and left just Sapph and KT up that day. I got some shiny new gear including a new pair of boots and a new belt. I got the Arachnaphobia and Momma Said Knock You Out achievements in the Spider Quarter. We one shotted every boss but Thaddius. People just do not know how to pull their head out of their asses. We downed him on about the 4th try, a few seconds after he enraged. I think we had about 5 people left standing after he one shotted a bunch of us. With the emblems I got, I picked up a new healing cloak which was a huge upgrade from what I had been rocking (the quest reward from regular Nexus 0_0).
Heroics: I ran some Heroics over the weekend with my Druid as well. I think we had all of one wipe, and that was on the first boss in Gundrak. Nobody moved away from the poison nova. I got a few upgrades including a ring an offhand. These replaced lower level items that I got in my early to mid 70s. With the emblems I earned, I picked up the spell power trinket which was a nice upgrade over my green trinket. I will probably be running some more heroics tonight.
Leveling: I got in a fair shair of leveling no my Pally over the weekend. I dinged 74 and finished clearing out Howling Fjorde. I then went into Dragonblight with my fiance, where we finished the Wrath Gate chain. I also did some questing out in Borean Tundra since I have not earned the achivement and would like to clear it out before the quests turn gray at 80. I logged off last night one bubble from 75. I really enjoy my Ret pally, and am eager to get him to level 80.
WoW with Family: I got a nice bit of playtime over the weekend with both my fiance and my sister. With my fiance, we mucked around in Howling Fjorde until we got the achievement. We also picked up the Friend or Fowl achievement for killing a bunch of Fjorde Turkeys. I have discovered that she hates vehicle quests. She got extremly annoyed with the quests where you dress as a robot and go listen to Loken etc. I can't say that I blame her as they are usually very clunky. She did get a great amount of joy out of the Siege of Undercity since she was invincible. All said, she got to 74 and about half way to 75.
My sister recently transfered her Pally to my server and has been trying to get to 80, which she should get to tonight. We ran a regular Nexus which included me on my Ret Pally, her on her Ret Pally, and my buddy on his Holy Pally. We also picked up two DKs and headed into the instance. Everything was going just fine. We had cleared out the first two bosses and we headed towards the big stone guy when drama hit. The tank was acting like a little baby about the other DK pulling over mobs. He dropped an F bomb on the other DK, so I just booted him from group. I dont want to put up with your bullshit, kk thx BAI. We four manned the rest of the instance with no problem. I led the meters with about 1400 dps at 74.
We also took my sister on a run thorough regular CoS. It was boring run as I was in there on my healer. I helped DPS on the bosses as there was not a ton of healing needed. After CoS we decided that we would do Heroic Durholde to get Don Carlos' hat. Then we discovered that 3 of our 5 people were not keyed. A quick run of Heroic Durnholde followed by Black Morrass did the trick. I did not win the hat, but it looks AWESOME! I may go back again today to try and pick it up.
I hope you all had a great loot filled weekend. I know I did.

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Ruhtra said...

The hat is great. I ran in there with my pali and solo'd him. I will never do that again. Holy Pali is fun, trying to kill an elite alone also a challenge. Spending fifteen minutes (guessing) not so fun, but the hat is great and the dog is even more fun!

Good luck on getting it.