Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Update

Sadly, the weekend is over. There was a lot of WoW over the weekend, and a lot of fun.....except for Noblegarden.....boring grinds are boring. Now lets get down to.

Raiding: Not a whole lot of raiding over the weekend. I still havent been into VoA since 3.1 due to people not wanting to get saved without downing Emalon. I went into a partially cleared Naxx 25 with my Warrior, and it actually went quite well. They had already cleared Spider and Plague the night before. We one shotted Patch, more or less one shotted Grobbulus (wipe when Totems pulled him when we were still explaining the fight, one shotted Gluth, and ended up 3-4 shotting Thaddius. The first 2 attempts we had about 6-8 DPS die immediately on the first charge. Seriously, this fight is not hard if you dont fail at life. We spent way too much time on him due to constant AFKs. AFKs are the biggest killed of pug raids IMO. We then went on and one shotted the first two bosses of Millitary before calling it a night. We are supposed to go back in tonight and finish the clear.

On a personal note, I set a new personal best for DPS no Thaddius at 3.1k on our last attempt.

Special Events: I continue to do the Argent Tournament Dailies every single day. I am two Seals away from being able to get my fiancee the mechanopeep. Shhhh.....she doesnt know how close I am to getting it :) I have found that grouping up makes things sooooo much easier. 5 manning all of the annoying crap is quick and painless.

Also starting up this weekend was Noblegarden...where very few are Noble. Gathering chocolates is an annoying grind. I cant wait until Childrens week where I wont have to be fighting for spawns. I got the Spring Rabbit and the Bunny Ears on Darraxus. I only really wanted the pet, but I had a bunch of chocolate leftover and decided on the Ears. I also farmed up the pet for my fiancee. She also had the boquet of flowers and the twig that turns me into a bunny drop.

Leveling/Questing: Besides my Argent Dailies, I finished the Hodir chain on my Paladin and have already done a few days worth of dailies. Over the weekend I dinged 78,79, and 80! I hit 80 in Zul'Drak. I will most likely be headed to Icecrown to unlock the Shadowvault and the Knights of the Ebon Blade quarter master. Since she ran out of Twilight books, I actually got to play with my fiancee over the weekend. She did not get another level, but is inching closer to 75. We are currently running around in Grizzly Hills, and have just started the Ursoc chain. While unlocking my Hodir dailies, I got an epic trinket drop. It is called the Super Simian Sphere. It basically turns you into a Monkey in a bubble for 5 minutes every hour. I dont know that it has any real benefit, but it is fun.

Hope everyone had a good of a WoW weekend as I did!

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Orgauth said...

Construct wing of Naxxramas is an excellent series of checks to gauge your raid...

Patchwerk: Raw DPS and healing
Grobbulus: Situational awareness (you are injected - now run to the proper area!)
Gluth: Add management
Thaddius: Pure idiot check