Sunday, April 19, 2009

Inscription Tomes: The New Ninja Item

Long story short, I went into a Heroic UK yesterday and a tome drops. The mage says he needs it as he is an inscriptionist. I say that we should all roll greed so that everyone has a shot at it. He says "Why should other people get to roll when I am an inscriptionist". He rolls need and gets it. A little later in the run, the DK who is running with us pisses the mage off by calling him a ninja. I look at the mage's armory and discover he is JC and Miner. After much hooing and hawing, we get him to agree to a greed roll for everyone. He wins the book anyways.

With the value of these books, this seems like an obvious ninja item. I would suggest that everyone roll need on it if you are in a pug. This will take away any ninja element of last second needing over the other greeders.

Have you guys had any recent ninja trouble?


Orgauth said...

This is the sole complaint I have about 3.1 - and I'm not even a Scribe. I thought Blizzard would have learned something from the BoE jewelcrafting designs in Burning Crusade, but obviously not.

As we are all experiencing, prices on the new glyphs are stupid high. I don't blame the producers of the glyphs; I save that for the morons who sell the books for 2k, 4k, or more.

The truly stupid part is the gambling element - a book drops or you buy it from the AH, with no idea whether it is even useful, which means you have to charge even more on the "useful" glyphs to make up for the investment bust.

Barrista said...

They should have made the books similar to JC drops in heroics. If you aren't of that profession, you don't even get a chance to roll on the item or see that it drops. Would take the ninja aspect out.

I don't know if this is ninja, but it felt like it. I ran heroic UP with a group and one was a mage. He had a belt on that was from heroic naxx and rolled need on the Girdle of Bane. Meanwhile, my mage just turned 80 a week before and is in all blues and a few greens.

KevinMC said...

sounds like a ninja to me.

Arioch said...

Weren't a lot of the patterns so far in Wrath only being looted if you could use it? Like the heavy frostweave bandages, the tailoring and JC patterns... why screw the scribes?

And why a "surprise" book? Does it have a chance of giving you a glyph you already know? That would be horrible.

Either ninja or idiot. Maybe even both.

Anonymous said...

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