Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dream Pugs

During the last week I have gotten into a few of these "dream pugs". These are pugs that go better than you could have possibly imagined. One of these was on my Warrior (where I DPSed 0_0) and the other was on my Ret Pally last night.

The first run started as a PuG Vault of Archavon. We went in and and went after Emalon first. DPS was good, and after a few wipes for various reasons, we got him down. We then headed over to ole Archavon and wiped the floor with him no sweat.

Afterwards we decided to head over to OS 25. A few people had to leave so we ended up replacing them with new people. At some point during the run (after we had downed the first drake), they decided to go for it with one drake up. We left Tenebron up. We pulled Sartharion and one shotted Sarth plus 1. Did I mention that we only had like 4 healers? Our DPS was ridiculously good for a PuG. It was just one of those very good nights where everything seems to go right.

Then there was last night. I saw a group LFM for Naxx 10. I grabbed my Pally and got a spot in the group. The group consisted of a lot of people from some of the top raiding guilds on my server. Top DPS was a Ret Pally from my guild pulling over 4k DPS over the course of the whole run.

We were basically in and out in less than three hours. We one shotted every single boss in the instance and only had two deaths on bosses total. One was a mage who got kicked right after Heigan....he didnt even run up on the stage and let the green slime kill him. The other was due to a DC on Thaddius. Yes, a PuG was two deaths short of getting "The Undying".

I got several nice upgrades for both of my sets. Basically, the Raid Leader left the standard need greed option master looter. If you need it, hit need. If not, pass. He sharded what nobody needed for his guild bank. I got three new pieces of ret gear (T 7 shoulders, Pants, and neck) and about 4 or 5 Holy Pieces.

Overall, I finished 5th in damage done and did 2500 dps for the instance. I would have done more, but I put up seal of light while tanking the back on the 4 Horsemen and forgot about it. I used it all the way through the end of the instance :(

Anyways, there us hope for PuGs. My extraordinary good luck is proof of that.

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Brey said...

I was in one of those pugs a couple nights ago when the daily heroic and daily dungeon were both Halls of Lightning. Every other pug I've been in has trouble with that. We wiped once only due to the healer disconnecting. We one shotted Loken. I really enjoy being in an instance where I don't have to explain anything.