Sunday, May 31, 2009

Money Tip: Don't Piss Off Your Server

If you are planning on making some money, you can do it in two ways. Lay low and put your things on the AH, or you can make it a business and advertise in trade chat. The first way is just fine and the second way can add a bit of spice to your methods.

The way not to sell things are:

a) Post stuff on the AH and advertise that you posted them in chat. If people are going to buy something, they will buy it regardless of you spamming trade. You are just being annoying.

b) Ignore people in trade chat and gloat about it after they told you to stfu.

A new glyph seller on my server has been undercutting glyphs by 50 percent or more and only putting one up at a time. He spams trade chat that they are on the AH like people would not think to look there.

When called out on it, he ignores people and then gloats in trade chat how he loves the ignore function. I am now noticing my higher priced glpyhs selling before his lower priced one. Act like a douchebag and people will take note.

Treat your WoW business like you would a real business. In a professional manner.


kyrilean said...

That's awesome! I do the exact same thing to those people. :D

Leiandra said...

In a way though, he's probably banking on people like me. I generally ignore trade/city chat. I simply look for the cheapest price. If I happen to see a "Glyph of...whatever I've been keeping an eye out for" in chat, I may notice. Other than that, I really don't care.

Sorry... I had to be that guy, but I just don't pay attention to most of that chat anymore.

p.s. Please don't put me on ignore. :)

Fish said...

yeah, I purposely am not in trade chat. However, I can generally produce most items myself with very little overhead so normally the only things I can't make are horribly over-priced and not worth buying. . .