Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Update

The weekend is over and I am a sad panda. I did a bit in WoW over that time, so here is my update.

Raids: THere was a decenet amount of raiding for me over the last week. This weekend I got into a Naxx 25 with several members of my guild (and a decent number of PuGs). It was going very well except for the fact that the raid leader kept switching back and forth on loot rules. Basically, an alt warrior from out guild went and mopped up on pretty much every tanking piece....he was dps for the run. The drama of him continually rolling and winning tank loot from mains caused a lot of issues including a pretty well geared Paladin tank to leave the guild. I only rolled on two pieces....the helmet off of the second boss in the DK quarter and Broken Promise from 4-Horsemen.

All in all, I got a bunch of emblems, but had to leave just before Gluth due to my fiancee being on her way home from took about 5 hours to get to that point 0_0

I also did several raids on my Ret Paladin as DPS seems to be much more in demand that tanks. I got the achievements for 25 man and 10 man less is more for Sartharion. I also managed to pick up my T7 gloves and the Dragonhide Bag.

Today, I was lucky enough to make my first trip into Ulduar. There was a group looking for one more I took my Paladin. We three shotted flame leviathan, two shotted Razorscale, two shotted Deconstructor, and left off on Ignis when several people had to go. I got a nice DPS neck out of it and would be glad to go back again (especially for the two hander off of Flame Leviathan).

Questing: The only questing I have been doing is the Argent Tourney Dailies and my fishing daily on Darraxus. I cant really bring myself to do the Hodir dailies all that often on my Paladin. I am only about 2k away from Exalted with Exodar which will give me the Ambassador title. I am already a champion with all of the factions and have picked up two pets for myself (mechanopeep and sapling). I have not been lucky enough on the fishing daily to pick up the crab pet yet.

Misc: As far as making money goes, I am still making most of my cash from Glyphs. I am generally selling a few hunder gold worth a day, but never have more than 200 or so auctions up at a time. 

I did not get time to play with my fiancee this weekend as we had a Birthday party to go to on Saturday. I hope we get some play time together soon. This night shift I am working is absolute shit. I really cant wait to be back on days.

My play time over the weekend has dwindled significantly so that I can spend more time with my lady...maybe I should do a weekday update lol.

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