Thursday, May 28, 2009

PuGs: Ignorance and AFKs kill

I am writing this on the heels of getting out of a Naxx 10 run on my Druid. I overgear the instance and dont really need anything. I decided to go as something fun to do before work. It was actually mostly a guild run by a guild that is pretty decent. 

They must have had their B-Squad in. 

My guild's raid leader was there on his DK tank as well.

We got through the Arachnid Quarter just fine as any mostly retarded group can do. DPS seemed a bit low besided a Rogue who was killin it. Then the fail started to creep in during Plague Quarter. First, we were getting a few people that were getting killed by the slimes because they would not move. These are ranged DPS mind you. Not melee.

Then on one of the gargoyle pulls DPS had their head up their ass and didnt kill a single one of them somehow. 28 stacks of the debuff later, we had us a wipe. They could not follow a simple instruction like "kill the skull". This guild is deep into Ulduar.....and cant focus fire on a target in NAXX!!! 

Then we get to Noth. It goes fine despite dps seeming to be a bit on the low side. After we down him, we notice that the hunter is not there. HE HAS BEEN AFK IN SW FOR THE LAST 15 MINUTES!!!!! And of course they allowed him to continue in the run. He of the 15 minute afk and dps below BOTH tanks.

We clear all the way to Heigan, and then there is another afk....followed by another afk...followed by my playing 80s tunes in vent....followed by an announced 20 minute afk before a boss!!! WHO DOES THAT?

At that point, the raid leader from my guild and I were at the end of our fail ropes. I told them I dont have time for this shit and hearthed. The hunter who had AFKed thru the Noth fight told me to learn to be which I replied "LEARN TO DPS HIGHER THAN THE TANKS".

AFKs will kill the flow of any raid. In a pug, it is just going to piss people off and cause them to leave. I dont need much of anything out of Naxx and was spending my time to help. If you are going to be AFK 40 percent of the time, you are going to ruin the raid, or get booted.

On a side note, my raid leader (DK tank in epics with some blues still) was third on the damage meter. The rogue was in first by more than double any of the other dps. I did 40 percent of the healing....with three healers. 

If you are going to run a raid, get your shit together. I dont want to sit through 50 afks and not even finish two wings in two hours. Unacceptable.


Arioch said...

Someone else gets to run fail Naxx with me!

Who in their right mind goes afk?

And if someone in the raid calls a time-out for a bio break... anyone who thinks they need to go should go at the same time. I hate the staggered breaks in between every pull. Hold it or go when everyone else goes!

Occeleta said...

And you good sir... I wish I had the patience for Raids. I would have bounced much earlier.

Moondancer said...

Yes I've had those... I'm in two great Horde and Alliance guilds we do try to take our breaks at the same time which is very helpful.

I run a lot of things with my guilds but I still enjoy running PUGs too. For the most part the PUGs are great and I've met some nice buddies but the fail PUGs stand out. :)

As I was leveling on my Blood Elf Holy Priest; healing every chance I got, I ran a lot of PUGs; healing and learning how to be an effective healer. Anyway, I received an invite for Maurodan, I accepted. Our tank was a guy named Crazypally or something like that... We were doing great until 'Crazy' decided to go AFk mid-pull! He didn't tell anyone. This happened a few more times before he got kicked from the group. We cleared the instance and although I remembered his antics I could not remember his name. I hit Outland and one of my buddies asked me if I could heal Ramps? Sure was my response... and yes he was in the group, the first time he went AFK I remembered who he was, whispered my buddy so he knew what was up, he did it again and he got the boot. I thought his name sounded familiar and I didn't think our interaction had been good when he did his afk think well I remembered him. You know he would still ask me to group with him.