Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Update

Well, the weekend is now over as is the weekend of WoW.

Raiding: I did a bit of raiding over the weekend, but not as much as usual. I did the plague wing in Naxx 25 on my Resto Druid. I didnt get any gear, but my sister got her T 7.5 shoulders on her Paladin. I ended up running a Naxx 10 after a couple of false starts and our original raid leader DCed. We wiped on Anub 2-3 times and then he left. After that we cleared spider, Plague, and Millitary pretty easily. This was my first raid on my Ret Paladin. I finished around 2k dps for the instance while Occeleta topped the charts.

I got a new pair of ret shoulders as well as some healing shoulders and healing (leather) pants. I am still needing some major upgrades and have not had a single drop in Heroics. It felt good picking up the tattered remains of a raid and leading them to a respectable showing.

Questing: I continue to do my Argent Tournament Dailies religiously. Tommorow, I should get my second pet, which will immediately go on the Neutral AH. It will be the Mechanopeep. I am thinking of putting it up for between 8-10K. I am also now honored with Hodir on my Paladin. I should be at least that considering that I have faithfully polished his helm, blew his horn, and thrusted his spear. No wonder the entire zone is white 0_0. I also helped my fiancee out with leveling a bit and got her to level 75. We are having great fun and slowly but surely getting her to 80.

Hollidays: We decided to do the Noblegarden events on Saturday morning and knocked all of the achievements out in a few hours. Damn that was a lot of chocolates. It was my fiancee's first ever Holliday Achievement and her first title as well. We decided not to do the Childrens Week one as we did not feel like doing the PvP parts. We did however get out little pets. I got Eggbert and Speedy the turtle. She decided on Eggbert and Mr. Wiggles the little pig. Even though we were not progressing towards end-game content, it was nice to run around doing things with my lady.

Misc: The auctionhouse is still providing a steady stream of income albeit less than I would care for. Glyphs are down most of the time, and I am just trying to get the out of my damn inventory right now. We have a bunch of "that guy" hanging around and undercutting glyphs by 10 gold. The last two weeks I have gotten a proto-drake whelp from my mysterious egg and sold it both times for over 600 gold. Very nice. I am going to night shift for three months which explains my weird post time today. I am hoping I can find a guild doing some late night or early morning raids.

Well, that is it for now. How did your weekend look?

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Arioch said...

I got no sleep this weekend. Naxx 10, Naxx 25, H UP twice, dragging orphans about the countryside... busy belf was me.

I would suggest doing the Children's week achievements up to the PvP stuff. You never know if enough people QQ about them they could be removed from the requirements.

Got myself a Sen'jin tourney pet off the AH for 1200G! I'll be saving all my seals for the mounts.