Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lady Luck Shines on Everyone Sometimes

Everyone has those moments in WoW at one time or another. Those times where you are at the right place at the right time. Wheter it be fishing up the giant sewer rat while conventiently doing you fishing daily or getting an epic world drop, we have all had them.

For me, one of these moments happened last night on my warrior. I answered the call for a Heroic VoA asking for now baddies. People were asked to link their achievements and underacheivers were kicked. My role was actually quite odd. I wasnt DPS. I wasnt main tank or off tank. I was a debuffer and a ferry boat apparently.

We had a Paladin main tanking Emalon on one side of the room and a DK on the adds on the opposite side. I would basically sunder Emalon up, thunderclap, demo shout. When the overcharged add came, I would sunder him up for extra damage. Then I would wait for the new minion to pop up, taunt him, and ferry him over to the DK tank.

Well, after downing the big guy, the Conqueror's Siegebreaker Legguards and the Conqueror's Siegebreaker Gauntlets dropped. Did I mention that I was the only Warrior in the raid :)


Occeleta said...

Yeah. I remember an attempt on VoA25 where I was the only rogue. I was so excited. But unfortunately people are just so impatient and spoiled and want easy kills. So even though after every wipe we would get 15-20% closer to re kill people would still leave. And eventually had to call it when we lost a huge chunk of the raid. I just know that time some t8.5 rogue piece would have dropped but never got to see if I was right.

Mister K said...

Sometimes its better to be lucky than good! I actually think Emalon i the most boring tank fight in the game right now. If you have Emalon the healers are so good now they don't even have your run out and if your on adds its pull the adds and taunt the new one when it spawns. Much prefer dps on that fight

Misneach said...


My first Kara run I got the King's Defender, and I think I blew all my luck right then and there. Haven't gotten that lucky since.

Pierre Goldbloom said...

I've played a warrior ever since I joined WoW, and I can definitely sympathise with times like these, when an item drops which you REALLY need and - huzzah - you're the only one of the class who wins. Bravo, kudos, and keep blogging Darra!