Thursday, May 7, 2009

What is in a name?

I really like to see all of the different names in WoW. You can often times tell a lot from a character's name. You can also tell a lot from their guild name if you are familiar with a particular guild. Obviously due to naming rules on RP server, making a determination on a character can be that much more difficult.

It is usually quite easy to find the 10 year old players. They are usually Rogues name Deathlystab or Ipwnasaurus. Sometimes they are NE or BE Huntards called Leogalalas or Leegalas.

The twelve year olds are usually the ones who go by similar names, but with a "clever" guild name like "Your mom is my epic mount" or possibly "It burns when I PvP".

The absolute dorks will name their characters after something completly non-wow related. These names may include Darthjedi, CaptainKirk, or Aragorrne (be careful on this name as it may be a 12 year old dork).

I have a rule with guilds. I would rather run a pug a guildless toon than one in a guild where the name is spelled in all lower case letters. Guild names like "the great dark riders". That is an example from my server. The guild leader is a Huntard named Zapzapper. That pretty much guarantees I will never run with someone from that guild.

You cant always judge a book by its cover, but in WoW, there are a lot of times that you can. When in doubt about a group look at the name or the guild name. If it has fail written all over it, you know what to do. If it looks like a dog and barks like a dog, it is probably a dog.

What names do you guys find irritating? What are the worst guild names and toon names you have seen?


Feath said...

Terrorfussel is one of the funniest...meaning...fluffy-terror.

worst one...maybe any deathknight with accents and things like death-shadow-knight-master-bunny-hopper in his name - no offend to deathknights though.

guilds...on my server ThE UnFoRgOtTeN *sigh*

Occeleta said...

Deathgorger... bugs me to... oooh wait... that's your DK. It's an awesome name and I just wish I thought of it first.

Darraxus said...

Just like your Hunter with the name I can never remember how to spell 0_0

Arthak said...

There are thre categorys of names that I don´t like.

1.) Franchised and/or licensed names.
Anything from Lord of the Rings, Star Wars or comic books... no go.

2.) Kiddy or "leet" names.
Deathkiller, Ipwnu, Doomhaxxor... no comment on those.

3.) Altered or "pimped" names.
Mostly in combination with 1.) or 2.). Things like Dêáthkìllêr, Gandolf, Darthzvador... gimme a break...

But what realy pisses me off (sorry for the language) is names making "fun" of or glorifying
serious real life situations like terror attacks or high school shootings and such...
I will never understand what drives people to call their guild "Columbinewasfine"...

Ruune said...

I like names to actually sound like names. If it is not a bank alt then name it a real name or otherwise it better be really funny. Had a friend who rolled a lock called afkatm after some frustrations with a guild lock being unreliable and I thought that was clever - funny but could also pretend to be a real name.

Otherwise anything with pwn in it.

Or anything that seems like it is begging to offend someone.

thedoctor said...

Good subject!

I usually name my characters something that sounds ghetto or gangsta! lol

Teknine - rapper
Lilwhezzy - rapper
Mannyfresh - rapper
Bonquesha - ghetto name

Or I try to think up something clever...which rarely happens.

Chillibean - gnome warlock
Pnutbutta - tauren that looked like peanut butter lol
Threesix - 666...means death...get it?
Hornee - Tauren cow with big horns lol

I really dislike guild names that dont make sense, like "PUNCHYOUINTHEFACEBIG"

WTF is that about?

Tarsus said...

This is probably showing my age, but I twitch a little in irritation everytime I see some incarnation of "Drizzit". "Drizzzzzzit" "Drizitt" "DrizniggidityDriznit" etc.

Especially if it's a night elf hunter with a panther.

Jim C said...

I wish WOW would adopt a system similar to what Tabula Rasa had, a family name tied to an account and first names for each toon in the account.

Faelorin said...

Back in the old days of vanilla wow i remember some rogue names like




HolyGhost said...

I made myself a lvl 19 rogue twink guild. "Ninja's With No Brains"

And my gnome girl mage- Owch Single person guild "Lollipop Lustkill"

These are names I would normally be hesitent about inviting to a group or raid.

Pangoria Fallstar said...

Most of the guilds that I run across that are 12-year olds etc are things like "Servername Avengers" or anything else with a server name on it.

2nd are douche-bags who name their guilds after latin words.

"Carpe Noctum" or whatever.

This is okay for funny ones though,

"Cogito ergo Nom" for example.

All lowercase guild names aren't always 12 year olds. Mine certainly isn't. So /hey and /poke at you.

Best guilds I've seen? Ones that have a simply classy name.

*vlad* said...

Guilds with the word 'Dark' or 'Elite' in them.

People who can't think of a name for their character beyond their class or race: eg DeadDk, NelfDrood, Lockylock, Cowshammy etc

Poeple who have to tell everyone what country they are from (European Servers):
The Dutch Elites, SmallmagePL (as in Polish), HealergirlDK (as in Danish).

Also, people who name themselves or their guild with a Noob reference, eg Noobkilla, The Noobs who Pwn etc