Friday, May 8, 2009

Emalon the Stormwatcher

I finally got into a decent pug to down Emalon on Heroic. The sad part was that it was on my Ret Paladin who is my freshest level 80 and still rocking several mid 70 blues and greens. That said, I ended up 10th on the damage meter when we finally downed him....ahead of a completly epiced out Ret Paladin who was using Seal of Command 0_0. Anyways, I thought I would go over a winning strategy for those of you who are having any problems with the fight. They nerfed the health on the adds which lessens the DPS requirements significantly.

Beating Emalon is all about smart DPS. First, they have to be able to put some hurting on Emalon as he has a six minute berserk timer. Besides his enrage timer, you will also have to kill his adds when he charges them. Once they get about 9 stacks of the buff on them, the entire raid will get wiped out by Emalon's Nova.

You will basically start on Emalon with one tank pulling him to a corner of the room. Usually there will be two other tanks tanking the adds in towards the stairs in front of the room. While you are fighting Emalon, he will basically use two abilities besides his basic melee. He will shoot a chain lighting at a random person, and he will charge up a Lightning Nova. If you are melee, you need to get out of this nova. It WILL KILL YOU. The nova will still deal damage, but not enought to kill you.

At some point, Emalon will emote and supercharge and add. Usually there will be a skull over the add's head if DBM is doing it's job (which does not always happen). If you are having trouble, either tab until you find the one with the debuff, or look for the one that is bigger than the others. You need to DPS it down quickly and get back to work on Emalon. If you are melee DPS, be aware that Emalon does a Nova on what would have been the 10th stack from the add. Make sure to be aware of his cast bar as you are running back into range. Too many dead DPS and you will not make the enrage timer.

This fight is much easier for ranged dps as they can stand in one place and switch back and forth as opposed to melee who have to run about. If would possibly be advisable to stack ranged dps although if the melee DPS is good (and smart) they should certainly come along.

When the add dies, another will spawn and will need to be picked up by the tank. Pretty much rinse and repeat until he is as dead as his loot pinata cousin Archavon.

Remember, you need to have decent DPS for this fight. I someone is holding you back with:

a) Ridiculously low DPS or
b) Dying all the time to Novas,

you will probably have to replace them. We replaced one person on my first kill and got him the very next try. It was a Ret Paladin who was doing 490 DPS. I dont even know how that is possible.

Follow these simple steps and you will have a full clear of Emalon in no time.


Occeleta said...

I had an attempt on emalon the other day. First try people were dying to the Nova. Second had adds loose and DBM failing to mark overcharge so when some DPS got to him it was too late. Third and Fourth attempts just had some bad luck with the Tank taking Nova damage and Chain Lightning damage too soon. Our last attempt had him down just about 2 million health. We knew we could down him, but just didn't have the time due to the next battle coming up. And no one wanted to kill Hordies and try again. I was supposed to join the group again today for it but... sadly fell asleep.

Faelorin said...

How does a ret pally do 490dps, WTF how.. i can not even comprehen how that is possible.

Arioch said...

That ret pally was probably facerolling to the left. It has been proven you should roll to the right: