Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Being Social. My favorite part of WoW

The last few nights I have been having a lot of fun. I have not been raiding bleeding edge content or grinding battlegrounds. I have not been running around grinding various reputations or refreshing my mass number of auctions. I have been doing what made the game great to begin with.....playing with friends.

Three of my former fellow night crew friends have been on last few days at the same time as me. We have all played together since pre-BC when we would run Stratholme on a daily basis just for fun.

The best part is that we have just been hanging out and messing around doing whatever we feel like. One night I ran my Aussie friend James and his brother through Scarlet Monastery a few times. Aussie Jason showed up after another of his many several month disappearances and brought a Warlock along for the ride. Jason was his normal self, finding ways to cause mischief.....ohhhh look how fun it is when I fear this there are like 10 of them...../run. I also picked up the Scarlet tabard that had long eluded me.

A few nights later, we decided to make our way into Sunken Temple with 4 of us. I brought my 58 mage along. There were all kinds of summoning stone shenanigans which included me having to fly back to blasted lands to run over to Sunken Temple. When I got there, the server shut down counter started. As long as I have played WoW, I still cannot find my way around Sunken Temple.....I just usually skip it altogether on all of my characters. It took me 5 minutes to find the damn instance portal 0_0.

In the meantime, they are inside fighting along as Hunter, Bear Druid, and Healy Paly. I arrive just in time to pick up some new pants.....laughter goes up in vent.....what is so funny? Those are an upgrade for me! "They are leather noob". We got a nice chuckle out of that. Even better was when the Pally didnt get a heal off in time to save the bear from the 5 plus mobs beating on him.....then they came for us. Hunter (TJ) feigns death.......ICE BLOCK. Ok...THEY ARE STILL AFTER ME. The Pally (James) DIs me and I hearth a few minutes before server shutdown. Hunter ends up dying anyways as he feigned too close to the mobs. We were certainly playing like noobs on rarely played characters from me using frost nova when I meant to use Blizzard to our Hunter using Disengage and flyinh down stairs instead of using whatever he was trying to use.

We topped it off with a fun little 4 man Kara last night. We used to run the place every weekend for months. We had it down to two hour clears even before they nerfed it. We just took our time and laughed our way through. We had a huge laugh as we wiped on Attumen trash like serious noobs. We laughed as we pulled a whole room full of the actors before Opera and DID NOT move them out of the spotlights (wipe). We laughed as we pulled the entire room of explody guys a bit past Curator and we laughed as they tried to three man Aran without a healer. The key to this is we laughed we had great fun and got one of our alts a bunch of tanking gear.

These last few nights have really gotten me thinking why I love the game. It isnt making tons of gold or the latest epics. It is hanging with the homies and laughing our asses off into the wee hours of the morning. THAT, its truely epic.

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Fish said...

I have a love/hate relationship with Sunken Temple, I normally end up with like 6 quests for it so its like "SOOOO MUCH XP, SOOOOO MUCH FRUSTRATION!"

Normally instance sticking points in my leveling are Uldaman and ST, generally people don't like running through those, and finding groups is rough.