Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Summer Virus

The Summer virus is here and is hitting WoW bloggers and players like Chris Brown. Many players are going to take a bit of a hiatus from the game.....that does not include me. Im going to fight the Summer Virus like Bruce Willis fights asteroids. Liv Tyler will probably cry and touch my computer screen even.

Despite still playing and blogging, I have noticed that I am doing excessively grindy things instead of raids and instance etc. I should probably be leveling my alts, but instead im auction house whoring and grinding BC reps for vanity pets. It feels like I am turning down Megan Fox to hang out with Rosie Odonnel......very, very wrong.

I really think that patch 3.2 is going to inject me with a new shot of WoWdrenaline. The new Argent Tournament stuff should keep me someone busy, but the Heroics are what is going to consume most of my time. Heroics are my thing. I think the best part of the game is blasting those instances with 4 good and reliable friends. I love 5 man instances like Brittney Spears loves white trash.....which is a lot.

I had an in-game friend ask me what I do with all of my money.....I told him I swim in it.....like Scrouge McDuck. I want to make money, but I dont really want to spend it. I dont know what I am saving it for......well there is the Northern Barrier which has continually eluded me for the past few months. Then of course there is vitual bottled water and cans of spam the be stored in the basement for when Dec 21, 2012 rolls around (just in case the Bruce Willis thing doesnt work out).

GIVE ME SOMETHING TO DO. I want the motivation to raid and instance again. Because Im good enough, Im smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like me!


Antigen said...

That's hilarious considering Al Franken just became the Senator of my state (Minnesota). I guess people DO like him.

Fish said...

Wish I could, but everyone is motivated by different things. I have stopped to wonder why I do the things that I do. I've been grinding faction rep and champion's seals on my paladin (I dunno why, I don't really intend to raid with him) and just leveling alts, but I like it, its fun. Summer is the best time to do it! Well, cept for getting ganked by kids who are out of school. . .

Anonymous said...

WoW definitely feels kind of quiet at the moment, and I'm not a raider and I'm *sob* guild-less again so it's not like I've got anybody to miss in there. I could do with an injection of enthusiasm though ... blogs like yours are really helpful, vicarious fun, even if you're just grinding. Enthusiasm tends to infectious :)

Occeleta said...

Tis the calm before the storm. I been hitting Heroics... errr... trying to hit Heroics but because of 3.2, all the skilled players and their alts are really just holding off on Heroics at the moment. And most the time I get in groups with actual new players experiencing the Heroics for the first time.

I know Heroics will offer Conquest Emblems, but that doesn't mean I can't still work on gearing up my latest alt. But in the process, I have had to teach a lot of new players in more of the Heroics I have been running these past couple weeks.

I honestly believe things should pick back up once the patch finally hits, with new Argent Tourny dailies and a reason to run Heroics again.

Sleepysam said...

Go outside?