Monday, July 13, 2009

Cold Weather Tomes introduced, more QQ at 11!

Just as with every single patch that comes out, there are many many people complaining and whining about the changes. You have people who took almost a year to get one toon to 80 complaining that the tome of Cold Weather Flying is unfair if you dont have higher level alts and a raid ready toon.

Well boohoo. How you play this game is your fault. If you are unable to obtain something you like, it is your fault, not Blizzard's. These items make it easier for people that have been there and done that many many times. It is a very smart way to keep the long time players still playing.

For those who complain about the emblem changes....get over it! They are just emblems that are used to buy higher level epics. It really isnt the end of the world. If anything it can be a nice new start. You will be able to run the stuff that you enjoyed running and obtain the same emblems. This is great for people who prefer 5 and 10 man instances. You will still need to run the big ones for top end weapons and shields.

If you really think that people having access to higher level gear is bad, you are wrong. There will of course be noobs running around in ilvl 226 gear. There will also be many good players who replace all of their ilvl 200 gear with the 226 gear. All it does is keep the gearing curve a little more even.

Then there is the possibility that the Argent Tournament Raid bosses are too easy. Too easy for who? People who have full cleared Ulduar 25? We really dont know yet. I imagine that there will be easy encounters and hard encounters. Just like every other raid instance. Flame Lootviathan is incredibly easy. XT and Razorscale arent that bad. The curve shoots up from there.

What I am really trying to say, is dont go and get your panties in a bunch. This patch is more or less a filler patch until the time when they can release the Icecrown Citadel Raid instance. It is one more thing to tie us over. A little taste of new gear, some new pvp, and plenty of fun little vanity items. If you are that hard core, go play Darkfall or something.


Fish said...

I think it's funny that people seem to view their epics like a sort of currency, that by more of them being in circulation, their "hard earned" epics will become devalued. I think the badge change is great in that it will give players who don't or can't currently raid an opportunity at raid level gear.

Blackthought / Deathwing said...

It’s like I’ve been telling my QQ badge friends.
Look if you want a challenge then go into Uldar in all greens or fight with your fishing pole. If that doesn’t challenge you I don’t know what will.

Anonymous said...

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