Monday, July 27, 2009

Weeked Update

Well, my weekend in WoW wasnt terribly exciting for the most part. A lot of it was spent reposting auctions to make my mountains of gold. Sunday is absolutely the worst day in my opinion. I probably reposted 3 times and was undercut quickly the first two times. I think it took a while to undercut the third one and I still made over 1k gold after the last batch of posting.

I have been actually keeping up with all of my Argent Tournament Dailies and I am nearly at 100 marks. I am going to save them until the next patch so that I can check out the new shinies. I am interested in the squire that can turn into a mailbox/bank etc.

As far as rep grinds go, I am now exalted with Sporregar. As I previously posted here , this is actually one of the easier rep grinds. It took me three days to get from unfriendly to exalted. Those three days were only spent casually working on that rep. I now have the sporebat pet, and the ugliest tabard in existence.....which means I HAVE to wear it.

I also had the opportunity to chat with the Uber Tree over the weekend. She is 5 weeks out from having her little Druid. And of course she got the item named after her .

As far as money making goes, I am nearing 100k for my account. I definately want to shoot for the gold cap.

Also, our guild downed Yogg for the first time in 10 man, so grats to MeleeStorm.

How was your weekend?


Occeleta said...

Okay....... so maybe it's because I just recently watched Watchmen. But that tabard looks like a green version of little Dr. Manhatten.

Anonymous said...

Yep, purple with a toxic mushroom. Just what you want in a tabbard. Your enemies will reel from you in anguish and despair before you've ever drawn your sword.

Zaphind said...

Can I has 5k gold plz? ;)