Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fun with Macros

Many of us have macros for very specific thing. I have a nice intervene macro that I use from time to time. I also used to have a berzerker rage macro to break fear during BC before we could use it in defensive stance. Those are not the kinds of macros I am talking about. I am talking about the macros that you use to annoy your buddies during instance runs.

These macros were not really good for anything other than a bit of a laugh and annoying the crap out of people. While tanking I used to tie a /yell to specific abilities. Note that it will still yell what is in the macro even if the ability is on cooldown.

The first one I made quite some time ago was for the old school way we used to generate threat. The ole "Wait for 3 sunders before starting dps" thing. For that, I made a macro that yelled "COUNT MY SUNDERS NOOB" every time I threw up a sunder. For those that were too dumb to look for the sunder icon, it seemed to work pretty well.

One of my all time favorites was the macro I created for thunderclap once it was available to be used in defensive stance. Most AOE pulls looked something like this....

Thunderclap "Darraxus SMASH!"
Group: LOL
"Darraxus SMASH!"
"Darraxus SMASH!"
"Darraxus SMASH!"
Thunderclap "Darraxus SMASH"
"Darraxus SMASH!"
"Darraxus SMASH!"
"Darraxus SMASH!"
Group: Uhhhh...dude. You macro is covering up my screen....
"Darraxus SMASH!"
"Darraxus SMASH!"

Thats what happens when you have a bit of an itchy trigger finger with macros. Or possibly being put on ignore.

The one I have been thinking of creating recently is one for my shockwave that shouts "HADUKEN!". Then after all of the mobs are dead, I can make one that says "YOU WIN.....PERFECT". Man I loved SF2.

Anyways, give it a try. You may amuse yourself. Or make yourself look like a douchebag.


Jong said...

/cast Death Grip
/say Yoink!

no blizzcon for me

Chad S. said...

Any sub-3 min cooldown getting a emote or /say really starts to get irksome.

I know a mage that has an emote for Mirror Image, and a rogue that has one for killing spree - neither of which ever really got annoying. The time the rogue macro'ed something for Sinister Strike... we removed him until he stopped spamming the raid.

Darraxus said...

My raid leader was playing his DK alt in a pug Naxx and one of the priests put him on ignore because he has a macro that tells you when Icebound FOrt is up and when it isnt. I would think a healer would appreciate it of all people.

Antigen said...

I swear, all DKs get an in-game mail from "Pretty Boy" Arthas with a Death Grip macro all ready to go.

If I was any MORE of a douchebag, I'd macro some RP shiz into my Avenging Wrath cooldown.

"By the power of the holy Light, I call upon the wings of Avenging Wrath to vanquish the darkness!"

Or something along those lines.

Leiandra said...

I'd actually go a step further than Chad. In a raid environment, especially in 25-man, I would never want anyone announcing ANY abilities... except for maybe Heroism/Bloodlust.

We had a mage back in TBC that did it for his sheep. Something was said when he sheeped the target, when it was about to expire, when somebody broke it, etc. Dude, it's your target, take care of it. The only time I ever want to hear a report is if you're dead. "Hey guys, I'm dead, 15 seconds left on the diamond." Otherwise, nobody really cares.

In the spirit of the post though, once or twice at the beginning of an instance/raid may be funny.

Perrins said...

lol this reminds me when i was an arms warrior i had haduken macroed with execute. it was full of win. mind you this was back in MC raiders day.

Occeleta said...

The only macro I really had that I made was one tied to rezzing my Hunters pet. At the time it was my Ghostly Cat and It would have me yell "Dead pussy ain't good pussy!". Unfortunately I was usually good with pet management and rarely used it.

But tis a good idea with Hadouken. I may steal it... Or use Akumas fire hadouken line for the Shammy Lava Burst. Or maybe even Kamehameha.

Pangoria Fallstar said...

I made a rogue one time, leveled her to 14, and dueled others in Goldshire, and I had a macro that would spam "Stop touching me I'm only 14!" everytime I did gouge....

Anonymous said...

I'm obviously *extremely responsible* (see me, being extremely responsible, bwahaha) with my macros when I'm with a PUG but when I'm with a group of friends, or running around questing I tend to like ridiculous flavour-macros.

My female spacegoat priest looks *extremely* drippy so much of her healing spells come with "The Light pours balm onto your wounded spirit" and so on. Apparently she makes people want to kill themselves ;)

Fish said...

I have like three macros, it's not that I don't like them, I just try to keep extraneous stuff to a minimum. The only one I really use is my instant big heal on my druid. . .