Friday, July 24, 2009

Gold Making Progress

Sorry for the lazy post today As it shows, I am doing pretty decently. Nearly 50k auctions posted 0_0.

This is mostly from my glyphs with a few asorted other things thrown in.


Anonymous said...

Them some nice stats.

I've just started up a toon on a new server and I was thinking about starting up a glyph business. I was wondering though, how high do you need to level inscription to start making money from it and how much gold do you need before you start levelling inscription and selling glyphs? I have about 3000g ATM, is this enough?

Darraxus said...

300 gold is more than enought. When you are leveling your inscription, the minor glyphs usually sell best,

Anonymous said...

To answer your question:

You can learn each day a minor glyph. Those can be learned starting with skill 65. (or close too)

The sort of Minor Glyph you will learn randomly depend from your overall skill, e.g. You start with glyphs that you can produce with your inks also.

Have fun.