Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Guild Reputation

WoW can be quite a bit different than real life. In real life, your personal reputation will usually take you much further than your company's reputation. In WoW, I find it to be the opposite most of the time.

You may remember that bad dps or person who stood in the fire, but usually they will be forgotten in a few days to weeks time. I cant remember people I ran with a few days ago. What I do remember is their guild. Guilds usually have a server reputation and a personal reputation (give by you of course).

With server reputation, you will pretty much bunch them all into one group. For example, if you see someone from the top raid guild on the server recruiting for a PuG run, you are probably more likely to try and get in than if you see someone advertising from a guild with all lower case letters.

It really doesnt matter that this person could be on a terribad alt. Name recognition goes a long way in WoW just as it does in real life. Is Pepsi really that much better than your local chain store's brand? Not really, but you pay for the label. You know exactly what to expect from Pepsi.

Despite sometimes not remembering soecific people, I will usually remember my experiences with members of that guild. If I have one really bad inciddent, you are marker.

Remember, when you are playing, you are not only representing yourself, but your guild. It is not fair to give them a bad name thru shady action.


Syrana said...

A great reminder to put out there. Too many players either don't realize this or don't care. It's much easier to remember a guild tag than tons of player names.

Feather said...

But the opposit exists: You will remember THE GUY who hab insane DPS, a hell of a heal or more threat than anyone befor (as a tank). These people you put on your Friendslist, you ask them if you're looking for PuGs, no matter what guildtag they have.

Arthak said...

I guess both Darraxus and Feather are right.

If people are "good" you remember their name (might even FL them). And you´ll recognize them when they are LFG. You remember the PLAYER.

However if you get a "bad" guy... you don´t remember his name. For what? He sucked, who wants to know him? But somehow his guild tag will stick. Next time you pug and see someone with the same tag a warning signal will go off in your head. You don´t mean to, but your subcontious will make you keep an extra eye on that poor kid.

Sadly it´s true: Bad players are often responsible for a guilds reputation.

Dorgol said...

I rarely ever pay attention to a person's guild OR their name. I saw a Paladin the other day spec'd fully Ret, wearing full PvP Healing gear, AND he had a Spirit / Threat enchant on his cloak. I have no idea what his name or his guild was. Maybe I'm the exception, though?

As a sidenote - I have been on the receiving end of the "guild reputation". Throughout TBC I was a non-raiding member of the #1 Alliance guild on the server. My gear was crap (remember - nonraid member), but I could easily get into groups and regularly had people comment on my guild. I assume they figured I was an alt or something. :)

Orgauth said...

For good or bad, many people look first at the [tag] and have a preconceived notion about you. Case in point:

The night before last, I opted to PuG an Ulduar 10-man. It was mostly one guild, with a few PuGs to fill out the raid. All in all, a decent group - not ZOMGDPS, but not drooling footstools either. Toward the end, another holy paladin commented in a whisper how "cool I was", like she was expecting me to be a complete dick screaming "L2PLAY NUBS!" on a wipe, or to dictate everything because I happen to be in the top progression guild on the server (and #54 US to boot).

For them, it was a very successful night, taking stabs at Freya by the end. Sure, I've cleared it - but I was happy to see some of the folks do content that is new TO THEM. They invited me back for another go this week, and actually, as much as I enjoy progression (we're doing One Light and Algalon this week - WOOT!), I'd actually not mind riding the 25-man progression bench that night so I can go do this 10-man semi-PuG. Progression isn't everything - enjoying the game is key, too.

Orgauth said...

Yikes, I got "actually"-happy. What a fail-post XD