Monday, July 6, 2009

Family Gaming

One of the most fun things you can do with the people close to you is play games. I play WoW with several of my friends, my sister, and of course my fiancee. This really helps to keep the game fresh and fun for me.

Thanks to finally getting my computer back, my fiancee and I were finally able to play together for the first time in a while. I managed to stress her out by jumping her into an instance first thing. She has not done any kind of combat in the last several months as she has just been fishing and herbing.

We choose Violet Hold, and went in with myself tanking and my sister healing. We are way overgeared and overleveled for the intance. We also brought along a long time in game friend, Hoy, on his mage, and my sisters RL friend Mike. It went pretty well, but my fiancee was stressed the whole time that she was not doing well. She did perfectly fine, clocking in at over 1k dps. She is rather over critical of herself in these games and thinks that everyone will think that she is a noob for dying.

After VH, we headed over to Heroic Magisters Terrace to see if we could get the pet or mount to drop. It went very smoothly with just one death, but no pet or mount to be found. I got the commendation of Kael'Thas which eluded me during BC :(

That run was much more relaxed and fun as we joked around and emoted each other and generally had a good time. It is odd how the mood can change from run to run.

On a grindy note, I have started Argent Tournament Dailies again, and I started the rep grind for the Skyguard that I neglected during BC. I figured it will be an easy way to get a neat pet.


Syrana said...

I think some of the of most fun instances I've run have been with family/friends.

And one of the best parts of those kinds of runs is not having to worry about looking like a noob! (Well, sorta, I guess, but those would be the people I'd rather be around if I messed up.) :)

Occeleta said...

It's absolutely more fun running with people you know. You have a chance to just relax and not worry about every moment being scrutinized over. It's one of the reasons I still run as dps with my Shaman, because I would rather learn to heal in a more friendly capacity.