Saturday, July 4, 2009


Not only is it independence day is the day I got my good computer back. I can now play with my fiancee again, which will be very nice.

I also picked up a spiffy new Logitech gaming mouse for a better WoW experience. I saw the actual WoW gaming mouse, but I was not that impressed. It had a lot of buttons, but seemed to be kinda clunky in my opinion.

Just because I finally got my computer back doesn't mean I am going to stop hitting the auctionhouse hard. It just means that I will be hitting the other parts of the game I enjoy that much harder. More instances and more raids.

It is also going to be nice not lagging in Dalaran and having a all of the pretty graphics that I got so used to. This is kinda like an early Christmas present in a way :)

With my glyph making business, I am not over 50k on my bank toon and 60k overall on my account. I would like to get to the 100k mark before I decide whether to slow down or now. The biggest problem for me is the competition at the moment. Beside the douche who was undercutiing by half (he has been posting a lot less lately), there is a new one who doesnt mind undercutting all the way down to 2 gold. Despite this, I usually make over 1k on a good day.

Anyways, everyone have a fantastic holliday!

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