Wednesday, August 5, 2009

3.2 First Impressions (and to-do list)

LAGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Holy fucking shitballs Batman. That is my first major impression from when I logged on last night. There were apparently several servers down, so people decided to invade and spam trade chat until theirs came back up. It took me about 1.5 hours to get all of my mail, mill herbs, and turn them into inks. It usually takes me about 15 minutes. It was terrible. It was better this morning, so I was able to restock my glyphs. Thank god for QuickAuctions2. I got to the auctioneer with about 6 minutes until server restart. I got all 300 or so glyphs posted in that time.
Northrend Childrens Quests: Last night my fiancee wanted to play WoW. Old computer + Patch day lag = no good. Tonight we are probably going to do the quests to get either the Gorloc or Wolvar pet. I will be choosing the Gorloc pet. I am not sure which she will choose, but she usually chooses something that I dont have. This will also be a nice little chunk of XP towards getting her another level.
Raptor Pet: Gonna go get me a raptor pet from Breanni in Dalaran. Not the real Breanni even though he plays on my server. The fake one that sells pointless pet accessories.
New Tournament Dailies: Gotta go try the new dailies. Probably more of the same old crap, but I need the seals. I am about 25 away from getting the mounted Squire who is basically a portable bank/vendor/mailbox. I think you can change the setting to one of the three every 12 hours. I will likely also help my fiancee with her Valiant Dailies so she can also become a champion.
Crusader's Colliseum: Definately need to hit this up. New instances are always fun to try out. It will also be nice that it drops epics no matter what setting you have it on. A bunch of guildies were fighting through the lag yesterday to test it out.
Heroics: Heroics of all kinds and sorts will be on the agenda for this weekend. I am going to be racking up as many emblems as possible and having a blast with my friends. 5 man instance are one of my favorite things in the game. Grabbing a few close friends, chatting, and smashing instances has always been great fun.
Make more gold: It is looking more and more like a lot of the glyph competition just flat left. I am selling a large chunk of my glyphs for 20 plus gold now when they were selling for between 3-10 gold a few weeks ago. I need to scan all of the glyphs to find out if there are any that arent being posted at all. I am making several thousand gold a day now, and the amount just seems to go up.
What are your first impressions of the patch? You guys hit up the new raid yet?


Dorgol said...

I managed to be online for maybe an hour or so. Got my new Alchemy transmutes, but didn't actually make any gems. This is the first time I actually regret not looking at the PTR info early - I should have bought some of the blue gems a month ago.

Redid my 2nd spec on my Paladin (Ret) and tried it out on the target dummy. Seems like my DPS has actually gone up from the PvE perspective. Haven't had a chance to try out the changes to Holy (my main spec), and probably WON'T get to try anything until I step into Ulduar on Thursday. :)

Did the orphan quest. Easy and fun. I went with the Wolvar Pup since I just recently finished getting exalted with Frenzyheart. (Off-topic - but I really am not enjoying the Oracles dailies nearly as much. Oh, and the Wolvar Pup / Oracle NPCs don't give a crap about me taking the Pup into their town.)

Took a look at the new Druid art. Very nice bear, but the cat looks odd from the rear. His back legs seem thinner than they should.

Lag wasn't too bad, but then I was on for only 10 minutes last night. The rest was done this morning and things are usually very quiet.

Darraxus said...

@ Dorgol: I still havent been able to test my ret dps yet. On a dummy it should definately be up a bit. I dont know how it will do in heroics with mobs falling down so fast

Ironshield said...

ppl were clamoring that ret dps was down by their tests. i blame lag.

someone noted that they were having a hell of a time with inscription failing to make the requested item. possible - also possible fat fingering?!

most addons have been updated but most ppl had logged on lazily without updating them and were crying about action bars and unit frames. one even said they had no clue how to use the default interface. nooberoni.

new 5-man is great for fast lewts. go do the regular a couple times and you should have the nice new shiny tanking trinket - i gots it like 3rd run. lotta plate dropping in there and a lot of cloth caster gear. no lag in the instance, but a lot of 'try again' messages with everyone trying to get into the new instances.

new druid art: better. but what they really should have done is allowed us to go out and 'tame' a mob and taken that form as our respective bear or cat since there are some really great models out there. if they wanted to hang jiggly things from our neck and ears, they could have added that to the base model. the new base models are nice, but the ones in the wild are far, far nicer. i consider this to still be an epic fail.

Whats my main Again? said...

My brother was complaining that his ret dps was down.... till I asked if he had speced into seals of the pure yet... a respec later and he was back where he should of been and happy.

The new instance/raid is better then I thought it was going to be. I liked the 5 man though it was a bit easier then I would have liked... considering the gear that comes out of it.

10 man is actually a decent challenge, couldn't get past the worms but that is mostly due to poor coordination and everyone being thrown off by busted mods.

kyrilean said...

First, patch days suck.

Second, competitors like to do other things on patch days, so glyph business was good! :)

Third, the epic Str gem went from 500g to 300g in about 30 minutes. LOL!

Fourth, not fair that your competitors are disappearing. Mine keep growing! :(

Fish said...

Personally, I was pissed they changed the AT dailies. I used to be able to do the Valiant, Champion, and ebon blade dailies pretty much all at once. I'm also none too pleased they made the BoA chest for Crusaders only. And I had to switch out of Ret as for some reason, I just didnt seem as sturdy or able to handle multiple mobs as before. Prot however got a nice health increase from the gem changes, so that's good.