Thursday, August 6, 2009

Luck of the Noob

In WoW, there is something that I like to call the "Luck of the Noob". This is when someone who is a noob of any sort easily obtains something that you had to fight tooth and nail for. These thoughts came up when I had my fiancee go do her first ever Northrend Fishing Daily. She flew out to Sholazar with her 300 fishing skill to try and cash the Ghost Fish. It took her about 20 minutes of mostly catching trash, but she got it.

She opens up her very first fishing reward bag and what does she get? The weather beaten fishin hat. I remember that damn thing took me months to get. Then she asked is she should vendor it 0_0.

The same thing previously happened when we did her first run through Magisters Terrace. The Phoenix Hatchling dropped and she got it. I havent seen the thing drop since then.

I have seen this happen many times over the course of my WoW playing days. An undergeared tank alt being carried through Kara get the King's Defender on his very first try. I crappy geared fresh 70 tanking alt outrolls me on the shield off of Nightbane. The shield off of Gruul drops while I am in there on my Holy Paladin. Some people have all of the luck.

So far in Northrend, I have had pretty bad luck with shields. I have not seen a single tanking shield drop in either Naxx at all. It took me about 20 runs to get the Royal Crest of Lordaeron. My buddy picked the shield up on his shaman on his first run....because it looked cool and nobody wanted it.

These are the things that make you cringe and hope the RNG dies a slow painful death by pencils shoved in the tip of it's penis.

This message has been brought to you by QQWTFWHARMYEPIX.


Ironshield said...

Buddy, I need your help if you wouldn't mind vetting an odd question with your feral tank friends to test and let me know. I recently ran a test for the past 2 months using my bear tank and *only* using swipe and maul in my tanking rotations and not lacerate or mangle and I am having a ridiculously higher gen of threat and the content is clearing much much faster.
I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this or is there some compelling reason to continue to use lacerate and mangle because I am not seeing it. There is no way dps can catch me (they haven't in 2 months even when I offer up gold if they can) in threat - yet I am not using lacerate or mangle at all.
As always, I value your input my friend and you have always been great at setting me back on the straight and narrow when I am straying!

Ironshield said...

oops - my post looking for the comments is at

"D" said...

I know how you feel, Darraxus - my enhancement shaman hates Naxx with a passion, but I've been forcing her through it on 25-man every week for a chance at the nice slow fist weapon that drops off of KT. After weeks and weeks, it finally dropped ... and a nub hunter won the roll, after winning several things in the raid (I had rolled on nothing else). I was ... not pleased. Not to the point where I'd say anything in the raid - no one likes people who start loot dramz, but seriously - I hate hunters! They take staves that are perfect for feral druids, daggers that are perfect for rogues, slow 1h fist weapons that are perfect for enhancement shamans, and of course everything in between. Stupid class. *grumbles*

tDv said...

I remember when one of my best wow friend back in vanilla wow in a pug scholomance run rolled for the paladin helm (he had already lost at rolls 3 times).
We was chatting in guild teamspeak and he was telling us what was happening.
Other paladin rolled a 6, he was very happy laughing in ts and remember one saying "You can still roll 1".
He dint roll 1, he rolled 5.
He quitted playing for a couple of days, but when he was back he was laughing at that and we still laugh thinking of that day! :D

Anonymous said...

You know what's worth than luck of the noob? It's luck of the clueless noob, and I say this with reference to myself. When M'Pocket Tank and I ran Scholo just for kicks, the Headmaster's collar dropped. We were just "hurrah, funky looking item, doesn't go with my hair, hey, you take it so we can do dress up" and later somebody on my blog posted about having fun that thing about 90 times in search of that collar.

I felt ... guilty as hell :)

Darraxus said...

@ Tam: I have never seen that collar drop in all of the times I have run that instance.

Another example of Luck of the Noob is my sister getting the Baron mount on her second run. I have run it around 65 times with no luck.

Anonymous said...

I took me about 10 tries to get the Bronze Drake that drops in a timed CoS run.

The most frustrating thing was, that it was the first time doing the timed run for at least 2 or 3 people who won a roll against me.

And I cried tears of joy when that damn Shield of Lorderdran finally dropped for me.

And yer, currently at 80+ runs for the Baron's mount, and Blizzard kindly fixed the crate bug in the last patch :(