Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend Update

I had a busy weekend in WoW which included playing with my fiancee for an extended time for the first time since I dont know when. Here is what went down.

Raids/Instances: No raids this weekend whatsoever. I did however run a lot of instance. I hit regular ToC many many times to try and snag the Black Heart. These runs really got in the way of doing chain heroics like I had hoped. It took about 10-12 runs, but the trinket finally dropped. If you havent had an opportunity to try the instance, it is very easy and tons of purples drop. If your guild needs to farm shard, this is a very easy way to do it. I did many of the instances with undergeared pugs, but I did not really mind. We even took a dude who go hacked along for 4-5 runs and replenished pretty much all of his gear during that time.

I did enough Heroics over the weekend to get the emblem of conquest belt. I was going to save for my tier pieces first, but I have ilvl213 for my head and chest, but my belt was only ilvl200. Next weekend will be dedicated mostly to smashing heroics for emblems.

On a side note, I finally did Heroic Occulus due to it being the Heroic Daily (gimme mah Triumph!). With that instance out of the way I finally got my Champion of the Frozen Wastes achivement. The instance was not nearly as bad as I remember from the days when I was rocking 25k health.

Leveling/Questing: I did all of the Argent Dailies on Saturday including the new ones. I decided to bite the bullet and use 80 of my Champion Seals to get the last two pets for 75. I now have 76 as I got the Little Fawn Salt Lick as a Reward. Most of the questing I did over this weekend was my fiancee. We started out on Saturday by doing the Northrend Children's Week questline. I chose the Oracle Pet and she chose the Wolvar. After we were done there, she wanted to do the Argent Tournament Dailies (which meant me doing the jousting). We knocked those out quickly and we headed to Grizzly Hills where we had left off our questing a few months back. That night we did the Arugal quest chain. I ended up soloing most of the last fight after I got mind controlled and killed her :(. She was amazed that I took on all of the mobs that spawned and Arugal and my health barely moved. Seal of Light for the win.

The next day we did her Argent Tournament Dailies again (now only 5 away from becoming a Champion of Darnassus). From there we headed back to Grizzly Hills and started working on the Iron Dwarf quests that are found at Westfall Brigade. She dinged 78 during these quests.

On another side note, I forked over the 5k for her to get her epic flight form. She though she could get a Helicopter, and was disappointed when I told her she had to be a high level engineer. Her disappointement quickly faded when she popped into swift flight for for the first time and squeeled "AHHHH ITS SO CUTE!". Now she can keep up with my as I zoom from point to point. 5k gold well invested if you ask me.

Auction House: I made a very nice chunk of change over the weekend and I am now up over 116 K on my bank toon. I had to work a bit harder as many of my competitors showed back up this weekend. The majority of my glyphs were going for 23 gold each, and many have gone way down with the return of my competition. I am still making 3-5k gold per day regardless. I bought 5 books of Glyph Mastery over the weekend to add to the business for 60 to 75 gold each. The most profitable one so far is the Glyph of Howling Blast. I had a friend find one this morning and he is mailing it to me for free! He just wants a glyph if it is the Dancing Runeblade one.

Overall, it was a very nice weekend. How was yours?


Dorgol said...

Did the new 5-man a few times on 3 different characters. Sadly, none of the items I might actually want showed up.

Guild downed Northrend Beasts in 2 tries. Easier than I thought it would be, but that's OK.

On the other hand, we DIDN'T manage to down Yogg (even though we did kill him last week). And despite the fact that I'm Ret 50% of my raids these days, I am still considered Holy for loot drops and thus get 2nd or 3rd dibs on any upgrades. Sadly, I'm using the damn Axe from Heroic Loken while DPSing Yogg.

Oh, and I finally hit Revered with the Oracles so I bought my first egg towards the Green Protdrake.

I still pretty much refuse to farm 5-mans (on my main) for badges. Badge gear is meh for most of my slots, and I have an alt still wearing a number of quest blues. HE needs upgrades, my Paladin will be just fine in his lesser epics.

Darraxus said...

I still need to try the raid instance out. I stopped grabbing eggs last week. After about 10-12 weeks in a row with pets, two straight weeks of yolk.

thedoctor said...

Don't give up on the eggs! It will drop soon or later.

And congratz on the title.