Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Update

This weekend was incredibly busy in WoW. I got tons of stuff done. This is the kind of weekend that I usually hope for in regards to WoW. With that said, here is the rundown.

Instances/Raids: This is where a large amount of my weekend was spent. On Saturday I did somewhere around 5 or so Heroics and 10 man OS. Everything went pretty much as planned with only one wipe in Heroic VH. We had a Shaman healing who had never healed before, however he he very good gear for it. We are going through the waves and I keep noticing my health getting lower and lower and he is constantly running low on mana. We got through the first two bosses by wiped two waves before the final boss. Looking at Recount, I noticed that his healing waves were healing for less than 2k....on a crit.

I asked him to check and make sure that he was using the max rank of his healing spells. Without complaining he took a look. He /facepalmed as he realized that his actionbar had not updated the ranks and he was using one of the low ranks. We went back in and wiped the floor with the baddies. The shaman never even got down to half mana on that attempt. It is always good when a player is receptive to change. They could have been a douchebag and left group claiming that we are just "bad". Instead, he realized that there was a problem, and fixed it with a litte help.

Saturday was Instance Palooza. I did Heroic versions of Occulus, Nexus, ToC, AN, DTK, UK, VH, and UP. They were all pretty much a cakewalk with maybe one wipe among them all. With the emblems I earned, I was able to pick up my T 8.5 chest. I have still had zero luck getting the tanking sword from Heroic ToC. I can however dual wield the two handed axe from the first boss if I choose :)

Along with the Heroics, I also ran three raids. VoA 10 and 25 as well as EoE 10. I had a lot of friends who had never done the instance before and we decided to give it a shot. We got to phase three on every single attempt. Most of the time we had a few players down which made it rough. There was also seemingly a bug where all of a sudden we were all dropped from our drakes without warning. After about 5-6 annoying tries, we were finally able to take him down. To my great exicitement, the Barricade of Eternity dropped. I finally got to replace my ilvl 200 shields WOOHOO! Malygos is one of my favorite encounters. There is so much going on and people have to pay attention. I also got the Denyin' the Scion achievement.

Besides tanking, I actually DPSed a few instances on my Warrior. It was with some of my very old friends from a guild I was part of for a very long time. I was top two in DPS, but only did around 2k or so. My Fury gear is not spectacular at the moment and it still has a couple of tank pieces included. I only need 8 more emblems and I will also have the tanking neck that I want. After that, I will probably run more Heroics with my Druid or Paladin.

Questing/Leveling: I did neither this weekend. The only quests I did were the daily dungeon quests. I didnt touch a single other daily. I am once again pretty burned out on the Argent Daily Tournaments. At least I can get some Seals every day by running Heroic ToC. I would like to get back to levelling my Warlock eventually, but there is just so much shiny gear for my 80s to aquire.

Auction House: The Auction House was hopping this weekend. I restocked all of my glyphs on Friday night. Saturday was ridiculous. I made 7700 gold selling glyphs. I even had a competitor buy up a ton of my cheaper glyphs and repost them. I immediately noticed what he was doing and crafted 5 more of each. I then undercut my old glyphs that he had reposted and made and even nice profit. Overall I probably raked in around 11k or so for the weekend and am now sitting at 153k gold. I am hoping for a very lucrative week as my competition in usually much busier on the weekend.

The strange thing about gold is that I never feel like I have enough. I have a hard time leaving gold on the table. I dont like when I cant cancel and repost my glyphs. I just imagine the thousands of potential gold flying out the window. I dont know how much will be enough. Right now I am shooting for the gold cap. After that, I may just keep going and going like Forrest Gump. I am sure that 1 million gold is an obtainable number. I would basically need right around 5 gold capped characters. That would take an insane amount of time, but I may be up for it.

How was your weekend?


River said...

Thats a crazy amount of gold. I am so jealous.

Dorgol said...

Did a Naxx25 PUG. Normally I would go on my Druid, and I'd LIKE to get my Warlock in, but I decided to go in with my main for a shot at some off-spec gear.

Topped the healing meters on pretty much every fight - (both effective and overheal FTW). This is a VAST improvement over what I was doing in the past. I recently changed my healing style based on some guild criticism, and I think they like the results.

I did get two Ret pieces - a new ring (Ruthlessness) and trinket (AP + direct damage proc, can't remember item name). These were my two weakest pieces (I was using the crafted Titansteel ring and a blue trinket from H Nexus), so now I just need to replace my boots and my Ret gear will be Naxx25 or better.

I used badges to grab the Ret 8.5 chest, getting the 2 piece bonus. Changed some gems around to stay hit-capped. Changed an enchant to get closer to the expertise cap. I finally broke 3k DPS self-buffed.

Since I get asked to switch to DPS about 30% of the time, these upgrades make me feel like I'm contributing. I ended up #8 on the Twin Valkeries. I guess I'm finally competitive :).

Did all the bosses in ToC25 - 1 shot them all (which was nice after the wipefest we had on the Champions last week). Then we went back and finished up Igniss, Razorscale, and Yogg. Sadly, Yogg WASN'T a 1-shot. We wiped 6 or 7 times for (mostly) no good reason. We did has some people DC and activate the clouds a few times, but that doesn't explain 2 phase-3 wipes.

Darth Solo said...

I love selling glyphs and inscription rocks. Tons of gold to me made but you gotta keep on your toes and watch your auctions, cancel, repost, make new glyphs etc. Man, I wish I could get to the gold cap. I'm pretty comfortable with where I am in regards to gold but I don't think I'll ever have so much perseverance to reach the cap.

WTFspaghetti said...

I noticed that his healing waves were healing for less than 2k....on a crit.

wow...I just can't believe that he didn't notice before you lol. I mean, if he has good gear like you say, healing wave should be hitting you for 10k and criting for 12k.

Grats on your shield! Even though its fugly looking =P