Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Update

Monday. My enemy is here again. That means that the weekend is over. Here is the rundown of what in did in WoW over the weekend.

Instances/Raids: I ran a lot of heroics this weekend. I am trying to get as many emblems as possible to purchase my two pieces of T 8.5 gear. Once I have those two, I will have the 4 set bonus which will be incredibly sexy against bosses who do a lot of magic damage. I am about 18 emblems away from my first piece. I grabbed the belt with my first 28 badges which replaced my Emblem of Heroism belt. I have noticed that heroic ToC is very difficult to complete if you dont have top DPS. All of the dps should be at least in the 2.5k range or so to make it as easy as possible. The mobs in there hit very hard and it causes a lot of stress on the healer. Better dps makes it so that you take less hits as a tank and expend much less mana as a healer.

I did my first raid in what feels like forever. I did OS 10 for the first time in probably 6 months. Right now, there is no reason to not do it. It takes less time than a heroic and is just as easy.

On a side note of instancing, my fiancee got her first two epics at level 78. I got some friends together and we ran regular ToC a few times. She got a nice pair of cloth legs and a nice caster neck. Her DPS was low, but she was level 78 wearing blues and greens she picked up while leveling. She only has about 900 spell power. That said, she still managed 1300 dps on the black knight. I have seen better geared 80s put out less DPS. She is not nearly as clueless as she thinks she is.

Questing: There was actually quite a lot of questing over the weekend. My fiancee is now about a quarter into level 79 and should be hitting 80 before too long. We started each day out by going to Icecrown and doing the Tournament Dailies. That gets tons of things she needs.....Seals, XP, and Gold. Then we would generally do the fishing daily. I am now the proud owner of BOTH of the fishing poles that come from the fishing daily. I also got my very first water logged recipe which I turned in for 13 gold and 5 cooking awards.

Since I already got my 75 pet achievement, I let my fiancee choose one of the tournament pets and bought it for her. She chose the Elwynn Lamb. She wasnt to get to champion with Gnomeregan to pick up another Mechanostrider or "Ridiculous" as she calls it.

Afterwards we decided to hit up Scholazar Basin. The questing around there is fast and furious until you polish off Nessingwary's area. Then it slows down dramatically. We got almost a full level there and she raised her herbalism up into the 430s.

The next day, I figured we could get started on the Hodir Quest chain. I took my Druid (who hadnt done it yet due to be Inscription), and my buddy Occeleta brought his Hunter along. We blasted through a ton of quests and stopped at the part where you kill revenants to fix the anvil or whatnot.

With my fiancee approaching 80, we basically have a full instance group of friends. I have been trying to get my other friends geared in the heroics I went to by having them tag along. One friend is getting tons better on his Hunter despite not picking up a ton of upgrades recently. He fine tuned his rotation a bit and went from doing 1100-1200 dps to about 1700-1800 dps. 1800 DPS isnt really that big, but a 50 percent dps increase is.

Auction House: The undercutting little bitches were out in force this weekend. So I undercut them back. My profits have been down a bit due to very tough glyph competition and constant undercuts, but I still made about 3k per day. That may be a lot to some people, but it feels like a kick to the nuts if you were making 5k plus not long ago. On the bright side, I probably bought 80 or so stacks of Icethorn over the weekend for between 13 and 15 gold. I sell Snowfall Ink for more than that so it is like they are paying my to make glyphs anyways. A lot more glpyhs are down into the three gold range.

One tip for auctioneers in the glyph industry. Dont underestimate a glyph because people usually sell it for so low. Glyph of Cleave is a glyph that is often used to level and you can find for under a gold most of the time. Yesterday I posted a few at 23 gold when no other ones were up and sold one immediately. You just have to be patient sometimes to make that profit.

Next weeks weekend update will be a bit different. I will be back from Blizzcon and talking about that. Since I will be at Blizzcon, there will be zero WoW that weekend for me.

How was your weekend?


Occeleta said...

One thing to note about our Hunter buddy. Is that 1700-1800 isn't exactly bad in instances. But if he does it right, can turn into some awesome shit in 25mans. I have my Hunter generally doing 1500-1600 in instances, but ran VoA25 and was easily hitting 2400-2500 with him.

Darth Solo said...

"The undercutting little bitches"... I feel you brother.

thedoctor said...

Ahh snap!

Have fun at Blizcon

..bastard =P

Occeleta said...

Haha, oh we will doc. We will.