Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend Update

Another weekend of WoW has passed, and now I am going to bore you with all of the details if you like it or not :). I have been doing a lot in WoW, but nothing that greatly significant. So, here is a update on what I did in generic Bulletpoint style.

- Raids/Instances: Despite the fact that I have been waiting on 3.2 to actually get back into the swing of things, I actually stepped into a raid for the first time in a few weeks. It was VoA 25 with my Ret Pally. The run went well as we one shotted both bosses. I ended up 7th in DPS at around 2900, which is decent since both of those fights have a lot of movement (and I still have a couple pieces of crap-tastic gear). Alas, no fat loots. On the raiding front for next week, I will be signing up for my first 25 man with my guild. Yes, you read that right. I have never done a guild 25 man. Hopefully I can get in and see some of the encounters I have yet to see (only seen XT and FL on 25, done XT, FL, Razorscale, and Ignus on 10). I am pretty excited to take a look at the new (for me) and exciting, and maybe if I am lucky score some gear.

-Questing: I have been doing my Argent Tournament Dailies as religiously as I can. I am now sitting at 125 Champion Badges. I hope to get to 150 so I can get the bridle for my squire when the next patch hits. I have also been helping my fiancee level her druid by doing the valiant dailies for her. I figured that leveling through these dailies would let her get a few free pieces of gear when she hits 80. I should start the Hodir quest line for her, but..UGGGHHHHHH. They arent hard.....just very annoying.

Alts and Leveling: The only alt I really touched this weekend besides my bank alt was my Warlock. I have been terrorizing Howling Fjorde after getting the achivement for finishing off Borean Tundra. I also ran Utgarrde Keep and did about 1100 dps despite not really using any AoE. He dinged 74 in middle of the run. I am hoping to get him to 80 before too long.

Auction House: Some of my competition left the market and I have been making more gold than I ever have. On Saturday and Sunday alone I made about 3k each day. One of the things that helps ridiculously is that I uninstalled Auctioneer and dowloaded QuickAuctions2. It is absolutely perfect for mass posting. I can click the post button and it will scan all of my glyphs and snowfall inks and post them undercutting the lowest price by 1 silver. I have my glyphs set to never be posted at less than 3 gold. When there are no other glyphs up, I post them at 20 gold each. There is also a sweet cancel function that will cancel all of your auctions that have been undercut so that you can repost. It saved time because you dont have to repost the ones that were not undercut.

I finally hit six figures on my account. Next cap. With the way the market has been going, it should not take me very long at all. After gold cap, I wonder if I should shoot for 1 million gold.

Anyways, how was your weekend? Any awesome stories to share?


Dorgol said...

I got Glory of the Hero on my Paladin. Sweet, sweet, Proto-drake.

Got my Mage to 75. I can haz Frostfire.

Got my Warlock into the Sons of Hodir grind. Due to my packrat nature (nearly 200 Relics of Ulduar just sitting around) and the human bonus, he's about 2 / 3 days from Revered.

Oh... and my guild finally downed Yogg25. And I was Retribution (instead of Holy) so I got the "see all three illusions" Achievement.

Yeah, mostly I just wanted to brag. :)

Andy said...

The auction addon you referred to is actually called "QuickAuctions2" I found out the hard way when googling "QuickAuction2" only returned a single result (which was your blog entry). I was able to find QuickAuctions2 easily on Curse Gaming, and I'm trying it out now, thanks for the suggestion!

Darraxus said...

Thanks for letting me know. I updated it in my post.

@ Dorgol: That sounds like a nice weekend indeed.

Tnotakuguy said...

Hey Drax, I actually like reading you weekend updates. I have been neglecting mine but I will be posting soon. Keep up with the updates