Thursday, August 27, 2009

Making Everyone Happy is Not an Option

With the announcement of the new expansion, I have seen QQ galore. This is not any different than any other expansion we have had. People get huffy and quit the game over the silliest little things. It could be as simple as "They nerfed my frosted tips bro, Im out". I think that is the real reason Jong stopped playing for a bit recently.

I have seen so many ridiculous reasons that people have decided to stop playing. The final straw has made me lulz many times.

In BC, I saw people quit when they realized that green items in Hellfire Penninsula were better than epics from old Azeroth. Then people quit when they removed the Attunements from some raids. Then people quit when they made t6 level gear available from a badge vendor. Then they quit when Sunwell was nerfed.

In Wrath, people quit when Ret Paladins owned their face in PvP. They quit when they couldnt fly their flying mounts until level 77. They quit when they realized how easy the first tier of raid content was. They quit when they spilled spaghetti - O's on their damn bibs. They quit when mommy didnt pop out the titty for milk quickly enough.

My point is that every expansion is the same ole shit with the same ole babies. WHHAAAAA WHAAAAAAA. They are changing achivements WHAAAA. They are making guilds have more interesting perks than a bank WHAAAAA. They are changing Azeroth and I can no longer do the same boring ass quests I have done 10 or more times before WHAAAAAA.

Some people will look for anything to complain about. Perhaps it makes more interesting blogging topic than saying something positive. I just dont get it. There are two things that are going to happen with most of the player base.

1) They will adapt like they always do. They will figure out how everything works with the new expansion and keep plugging along as we always have. They will make the best of a new situation and continue doing what they have always done.

2) People will whinge and bitch and cry, followed by quitting the game. Some of them will never return. Most of them will come back a few months into the expansion when all of their friends are already max level and raiding the new tier of content or working towards Gladiator or any number of things.

The people in group 2 only seem to hurt themselves unless they stay gone. They will end up playing the product that they swore off and be behind the curve because of it. Then they will probably bitch about not being able to get into Heroics and quit again. Then come back. Then quit.

Really, WoW players come down to these two groups. The adaptable Optimists and the Quitter Pessimists. Which one are you, and what are your plans for Cataclysm. And no, the name of the expansion is not named Cataclysm because your world is crumbling around you.

If the Quitter Pessimists arent complaining about content being old and stale, they are complaining about it being new and replacing the old and stale. It is a lose-lose situation in their books regardless of what is done. Next time you find yourself complaining about the new, remember the old days.....and remember that it was not all gumballs and cotton candy where the epics fell like rain. The game has come a long way. It has improved a million times over. There may never be another MMO experience like it. Enjoy it while it lasts.


kyrilean said...

Screw it! I'm addicted so it doesn't matter. :P

Misneach said...

Great post.

If you don't like it when things change, don't play an MMO. Online games change, evolve, grow, get new content, etc.

People need to shut up, accept change, and adapt.

If they can't do that, they can go play Super Mario Bros. That game hasn't changed in like 20 years.

Misneach said...

Oh, and I love your new banner. Great pile of death you've got going there.

Darraxus said...

Lol thanks. I felt it was time for a change. Carnage at SM seemed fitting.

DSJ said...

Lots of people who play online games can't seem to grasp that the experience doesn't really last forever and ever. I've been on in 4 games for extensive amounts of time EQ1, EQ2, WOW, and eve-online. Each one was great for the time I spent there and eventually I may come back to WOW as it changes into something new again but really --- if the game moves away from your idea of fun move to another and come back when it might be fresh... Sometimes you have to leave for awhile to appreciate the games later... the bitching and whining is really childish ... I don't play WOW at the moment because the game isn't where I want to be on gameplay... I may have to give it a try again and dust off the level 80's and see the game again next year ... Blizzard doesn't do things half way .. something new might just catch everyone's interest that has left before ...

Fish said...

I am taking a "wait and see" approach with the new expansion. I was semi down on it because raids don't appeal to me much, nor do goblins, but a worgen druid might be pretty darn cool. I just don't know if it's worth $50. And with SWTOR coming out, I might have to lean towards the lightsabers. . .

As an aside, I had no idea you were in law enforcement, my degree is in criminal justice, but I was more on the corrections side lol

Darraxus said...

Yeah, I was formerly, but now in a different line of work.

Jong said...

rofl. great post.

"I saw people quit when they realized that green items in Hellfire Penninsula were better than epics from old Azeroth."

This sounds ridiculous now, but I believe it.

Pangoria Fallstar said...

This goes hand in hand with the weird sense of entitlement that is coming from the 29-39 crowd.

Even in the Champions Online forum, people were demanding money back and free things because they couldn't get into open beta.

Also, don't forget most people that say they're quitting don't, or come back after awhile anyways. I'm pretty sure more people buy the game than quit, the fact that I don't see new WoW commercials proves that.

Darth Solo said...

My thoughts exactly. There will always be whiners in the game. Many of them whine about ridiculous things.

Mookey said...

One my old time friend said recently (we are close to 30's) "Wish we could go back when we were 15yo"

Erm - nope!
Well we would lose:
- Cars to go where we want.
- Our place to live instead to live with parents.
- Regular sex.
- Our own money.

We would gain:
Less obligations.
Less weight
More hair.

That's not great trade. We have to accept that things evolve trough time and that we have what we have.

Same with the game, people that don't find joy in things they have they wont find it no matter what they get.

Anonymous said...

Nice Post as allways,

but one point I can not aggree on. Behing behind the curve?

This is no longer valid for this game. It was never easier to PUG raid content and catch up with the content.

As it seems the new habit to be able to purchase items with badges, even damn great upgrades.

My mage just ran into this new gathering mode and now I am close to ToC25 ready within 5 weeks.

It was never that easy to catch up. There is no longer a real being behind the curve.

Lucrosus@Hyjal said...

You know, when I first read the leaked rumors about Cataclysm, my reaction was "What? No! They can't do that!"

But after digesting what the changes are, I'm all for it. Sure, I'm a little peeved that the Horde don't get Worgen. Does that mean I won't try a goblin? Hell no! Get to buy things dirt cheap as a racial ability?? Who doesn't want that!

The game will still be WoW, but it's like a brand new version. Levelling alts will actually be interesting again with the new content and the changes.

I feel sorry for the people who QQ and threaten to quit the game over the changes. Guess what: life is nothing but change. If you can't handle a change to some programming code that affects 1s and 0s that make images appear on your monitor, how in the hell are you going to handle real life when say, oh, you lose your job, or have to get a job, or have kids, etc etc. Life is nothing but change. QQing about it solves nothing, in game nor IRL.

Cataclysm: bring it on!