Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blizzcon was AWESOME!!!!

Blizzcon was amazing fun. Even my fiancee reaaalllllyyy enjoyed it. Im sure the beers helped :)

I am not going to talk about all of the changes to WoW with Cataclysm and such because it has been covered much better than I ever could at MMO Champion. I am more or less going to go over what went down.


2:30 ish?- Occeleta picks up my and my fiancee at our place in his Charger.

4:30 ish- Traffic is stopped on Highway 99. A big rig apparently burned to slag. Occeleta video tapes it as we get luck enough to get the detour while people in front of us are stuck.

6:30 ish: After terrifying my fiancee with his driving, we stop at a truck stop/buffett. They are serving prime rib. I do my best to put them out of business. My fiancee asks for 50 cents to get a nerd gumball....she is sad when she discovers that she has been jipped.

9:30 ish: After more terrifying maneuvers from Occeleta, we finally arrive at our first hotel....The Marriot, which is right next door to the convention center. We walk across the way to pick up out passes for tommorow as well as our goodie bags. We get a Noob Collectable, our Grunty access card, an authenticator, and a few other things.

10:00ish: We check into the hotel. We head up to our rooms. Occeleta discovers that someone has been sleeping in his bed!! They arent there. He goes down and talks to the desk. They keep mixing him up with someone else. He gets moved them comes up to our room. We have a shot of patron and a mixed drink before calling it a night. Occeleta heads over to the Scarlet Crusade get together at the Hilton.


8:00ish: We wake up and get ready for the day. I text Occeleta who may have had a few too many to drink at the meetup.

9:15ish: We meet in the parking garage where Occeleta gets into his fishing outfit.

9:30ish: We head down to the line to get in. We head to the end. And keep heading to the end. And keep on walking to the end...........and reach the end. We end up in some parking lot herded together about a half a mile away. The line gets so long that it pretty much snakes all the way back to the beggining. We spot a three Wolf moon shirt. There are a couple of costumed people hanging around in line. One is dressed like a prostitute....that may not be a costume.

10:45ish: After much treking, we are still not to the entrance. We do spot the Cow Level however. There are three guys dressed as cows carrying polearms. They get many mooooooos.

11:00ish: We finally get inside and head over to the main hall where they are getting ready to start the opening ceremonies. I have to bullsrush my way to the refreshments stand where I get us some beers. There is a summoning stone nearby. Neat. It keeps moving. Weird. It was apparently somebody's costume....BEST COSTUME EVAR!!!!!

11:30ish: Opening ceremonies start. We all OOOHHHHH and AHHHHHH and cheer over all the announcements including the announcement of Cataclysm. We hang around for the first WoW panel immediately after.

2:00ish: After a few panels, my fiancee and I head off for lunch with her father. Occeleta stays behind and meets the people from The Guild and gets their autographs. Somebody apparently asks Felicia Day is the carpet matches the drapes.

5:00ish: I return to a bit early to try and get seats for the costume contest. There are no seats. We try sitting in the aisles many many times. Securitys keeps moving us. At one point some little asian guy keeps telling people to "sit the fuck down". My fiancee turns around and tells him to "Suck the fuck up". He obliges. We end up by a concession stand.

6:00ish to 9:00 ish: The contests hosted by Jay Mohr. The costume contest is pretty sweet. A lot of women dressed as Alextraza this year. A lot of Dranei and Blood Elf chicks as well. Some pretty amazing costumes overall. The winner put over a year into her costume. Second place was KT. Sound alike was terrible. Did not stay for the last portion of it. Dance contest was won by a guy doing the Dwarf female dance. Afterwards, we go to Red Robin for dinner and head back to get some shuteye. Red Robin hates me and makes me spend an hours on the toilet.


09:00ish: We get in line earlier and inside earlier. When we get in, there are still huge lines. We decide not to do the game to try and win a spectral tiger or elemental pet. The line is way too long.

9:15ish: We decide to do the "Quest" provided to us by Brady games. We have to go to a bunch of different booths to get fishing lures which we will have to turn in later that day. It takes about an hour.

10:15ish: We decide to check out Diablo 3. The line actually goes very fast. You must have 4 people so we start advertising LF1M. We get a kid from New Mexico who is happy to cut closer to the front. I try the Barbarian, Occeleta trys the new Monk class, and my fiancee tries the Wizard class. It is so fucking fun I cant describe. I am sad that it will be a while before it comes out.

11:30ish: We watch the Dungeons and Raids panel for WoW. My fiancee is amazed at the amount of thought that they put into each Dungeon. Afterwards she volunteers to save out third row seats for the Closing Ceremonies. She is rewarded with three beers and a dippin dots over the next few hours.

1:00ish: Occeleta and I go to Diablo again. I try the monk and he tries the Witchdoctor. I was this game NOW.

3:00ish: We head over to the Reckoning Battlegroup meets. Scarlet Crusade is the most boring table there.

3:30ish: I get in line to turn in my quest. It grows to ridiculous sizes.

5:00ish: While getting towards the front of the line, they are playing a live Raid nearby. Whatever guild that is playing is very good. They take down Thaddius, Patchwerk, and Anub'Rekhan down at the same time in one encounter. They are then wiped by a super Hogger who is immune to taunt.

5:45ish: We finally get our dame rewards for the quest. I get a comic book, a manga book, and a poster as my rewards.

5:50ish: Seats still saved for the grand finale. SWEET.

6:30ish: L80ETC plays. They are pretty sweet. Nice warm up for the main event.

7:30ish: Ozzy fucking rocks the house. This includes spraying water all over the middle rows. We are luckily on the left hand side where no spraying occured.

8:30ish: Blizzcon is over way too soon. We pile out into the street.

9:30ish: We finally find a restraunt that has parking space. It is a Mexican restraunt off of one of the side streets. We see that they have a 5 pound Burrito on the menu. If you eat it, you win a shirt. Occeleta and I consider it. I decide against it. Occeleta goes for it.

10:00ish: Occeleta gets his burrito. We laugh controllably looking at the thing. It is easily a foot and a half long and covers the entire plate.

10:30ish: Occeleta gives up after half. I mock his manhood mercilessly.

11:30ish bed time.


Fish said...

you're the one riding a crazytrain, I've been the prince of darkness since 1979!

Lol, I didn't even get to see Ozzy at freakin Ozzfest, where's the fairness in that?

Darth Solo said...

Wow seems like you had some awesome fun! Beer at Blizzcon?? Woot! So, does the carpet matches the drapes? :D

Tnotakuguy said...

Hey Drax,

Glad you,Occelettam, and your fiance had fun at Blizzcon. I followed the events through the live blogs over at Not interested in Diablo thought

Syrana said...

Glad you had fun! Too bad we didn't (knowingly?) run into each other.

Although.. I remember walking past someone in line that had a fishing pole over their shoulder... hmmm...

Occeleta said...

That someone in line was not me. I merely had a little cheap fishing pole from the game Let's go fishin'. I intended on bringing the game in with me as well and plop it down various places and start fishing but forgot the batteries.

Darr here said that when he was coming back from lunch he saw a gal' in a fishing outfit like mine but also had made the Kaluak fishing pole. So that's likely who you saw Syrana.

I wanted to meet her just because, well hell anyone else to show up in a fishing outfit just has to be cool, but sadly it was not meant to be.

Syrana said...

Well, it's sorta comforting knowing it wasn't you, just because then it's not like it was a near miss! :)

There were definitely some interesting outfits. I kinda liked some of the "non-traditional" ones... like the fishing and various vendors.