Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cross-Realm LFG: The New Blogger Meeting Tool.

I dont know how many people have actually thought about it this way, but the new LFG system is a great way to get to play with some of your favorite same faction bloggers without transfering servers or rolling crappy low level alts on their server.

Obviously, it will be used as a pug maker by the regular WoW community. This could mean so much more to the blogging community. If Raids are indeed included in the LFG function, imagine the fun that could be had. Running with players like Ratshag, Ixo, or TAGN would be a blast.

Not only could you witness what kind of player your fellow bloggers are, but it would be a great learning tool to help each other out. Imagine that someone posts a blog asking for help with tanking. Instead of telling them what to do, you could actually SHOW then what to do. This is huge.

The new LFG is a great idea not only for making instances easier to get groups for, but as from a social aspect as well. You can play with friends that can't afford to transfer servers. This seems like it is going to be a very big deal.

I know there have been complaints about the possiblity of ninjas and such. That won't matter if you use it to coordinate with your fellow bloggers for cross-realm groups.

This also has the possiblity of helping two smaller like-minded raid guilds get together and accomplish something they may not have been bale to on their own servers.

I can also see this as a huge money maker for some of the top guild in the world like Ensidia. They could probably charge many, many thousand gold per raid slot for a shot at raiding with Ensidia. You would probably be surprised by the sheer number of people that would be interested in something like this. Someone like Gevlon would likely find this right up his ally.

Give it a chance, and I can imagine that the new LFG will not disapoint.


thedoctor said...

"Someone like Gevlon would likely find this right up his ally."

You said right when I thought it.

Copernicus said...

I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere, did Blizzard say it would be across all realms? I'm thinking it will be limited to battle groups, like PvP is now.

Darraxus said...

At Blizzon, they said that it would start as Battlegroups then possibly move on to all realms.

Copernicus said...

That would indeed be cool then.

Jong said...

Yeah, I think this could be really fun. "they said that it would start as Battlegroups" I was hoping it'd be available across all realms.

River said...

And have Gevlon find out I'm a M&S because i bought the mechanical Yeti?

I think if we could actually find people we want to play with and pick them I think it would be cool.

I wonder if this is the precursor to merging servers?

Vorian87 said...

interesting idea :D