Tuesday, February 2, 2010


For some reason, that scene always amused me. So nonchalant about and attempt to save the entire Rebel Alliance. Perhaps that is why he just impacted on the surface.

Enough of Starwars. I am nearly level 60 on my Horde refer a friend Duo. Getting to do the dungeon quests helped out a ton. I basically went from 57-59 just by turning in the quests that I did.
I have run Strat so many times that it is making me sick. Sick like Jong's DPS rotation.
I have been getting SOME gear for my Warrior, but tons more for Nomnomhealz the Dead. He must have died about 10 times last night. Once again in completly ridiculous ways I might add. Seriously, I think there is something coded into the game that finds ammusent in killing Nomnoms. He finds every Eye of Naxxramas. Every patrol. Every crate with bugs and shit in it. It is almost as if he thinks he is a tank.
I want to level my Warrior to 80 mostly though instances. I will however make sure to do enough quests in Hellfire to catch up my gear. And my weapon skill and defense. It shouldnt take too long I think.
I imagine the run to 80 will be very quick since I will be mostly instancing. Instant queues are win.
When I rolled Warrbringer I picked up Inscription and Herbalism. I think I am going to drop Herbalism. It is at like 40 right now. I have mostly bought herbs to make glyphs and level my inscription. Now I have to decide what to pick up as a secondary profession. Perhaps I will go with JC for the big stamina gems.
The home stretch is here.....and im ALMOST THARRRRR.


Vordan said...

I like how we were in live side you charged in the area with the pillars, Nomnom is left on the other side of the wall out of LoS of mobs and they B line for him, that was hillarious. Also to note he died more than 10 times last night. I would say more like 20.

Vordan said...

I just saw an undead 80 priest on Alexstrasza named....Numnumhealz, I shit you not.