Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You Can Never Go Back

Apparently, you can never go back. My Warlock has been my PvP toon since the time I hit 70 with him during BC. Back in those days, SL/SL was the shit. I did pretty decently in arenas and even earned a title. Apparently, I cannot go back to those days.

I have had two Destro Specs since hitting 80 on my Warlock a while back. One PvP and one PVE. I really wanted to try out affliction again as a PvP spec. Either I just don't got it, it is a bad team comp to be affliction, or affliction is just inferior for PvP these days.

Affliction was always the outlast spec. It still is, but it just doesnt do enough damage. There were many times that I just needed that little extra bit of burst and my target would have been dead. Instead, they go healed up to full and we died.

My arena partner these days is my sister. Holy Paladin specced as Holy. I think that most of the arena healadins are actually prot for better survivability and crowd control. Regardless, I just can't kill targets fast enough without my sister running out of mana as Affliction.

As Destro we went 4-6 last week. This week as Affliction, I think we went 2-8 or 3-7 and the matches we did win seemed to take forever. It was craptastic.

I anticipate going back to Destro for PvP as much as I hate it.

Doing Arenas again brought back some old feeling. Mosty hatred. I hate arenas. They are fun when you are doing well, but when you aren't, it is the most frustrating aspect of WoW. Seriously. Arenas make me want to stab my eyeballs out. There were times when I would fo 100 games in a week. I dont see that happening ever again.

On a less shitty topic, my Horde Warrior dinged 68 last night in Netherstorm. That means that I will be headed to Northrend the next time that I play. I have already picked up some decent ilvl 200 blues on the cheap and hope to be ready for tanking immediately at 80.

I really enjoy my tanking, but I am not a huge fan of many of the BC instances. They were always so long and drawn out with piles and piles of trash mobs. I did Mana Tombs yesterday, which I imagine will be the last BC dungeon I will be hitting.

Anyways, that is enough of my ranting. Carry on.


Vordan said...

I know with you as destruction and me as holy, we did pretty decent last season towards the end when we got gear, we were winning 50% or above. Without Moparman we got up to 700 from 120 or whatever in what? Two or three weeks with only doing 10 games. Thats not bad for me never really doing arena before, and remember we even had that week we did like 20 games? You are right, you have to be winning to want to play more. I think we just have to find our groove gain you know?

And I got my priest to 68 too. Im going to be scouting for gear myself. We will probably get to 70 easy on Friday. Im still your healing bitch lol.

Darraxus said...

Yeah,I need the burst damage that Destro provides when the other class is a healer me thinks.

Also, yeah. You are my healing bitch in every thing we do pretty much lol. When you get your Warrior to 80 and want to tank shit, I can bring along one of my toons.

Anonymous said...

affliction is still decent in battlegrounds (at for me it is), but yeah, pvp's gotten so "button smashing"-centric now that affliction isn't all that great in arenas.