Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And the most consistently bad class is......

Deathknights. I have been doing a lot of leveling on my Horde Warrior. By far the most represented and most terrible class has been the DK.

Deathtards have easily overtake huntards on the totem pole of bad.

Almost every group that I get into will have at least one DK. Usually, they are bottom DPS and damage done....even below me. I would say 75 percent of the time they are the lowest DPS in the group.

Recount usually shows that they are doing more than 50 percent regular melee attacks.

At least 50 percent of these Deathtards are using at least one piece of spellpower gear.

The highest DPS I usually run into at these lower levels are Warlocks. They seem to usually do in the 600-900 dps range in the mid 60s.

Rogues and Shaman also seem to be generally bad. About 20 percent of the Shaman I have run with have not dropped totems. 100 percent of those no totem hacks have been Enhancement.

The only good Shaman I have seen while leveling have been Elemental.

Bad DPS always attacks what you are not attacking.

20 percent of Hunters seem to have their pets on aggressive....yay for pulling mobs from across the room. I can generally handle it, but is it really necessary?

100 percent of rogues I have run with are combat spec. Their DPS is also VERY BAD.

I have yet to run with any Druid not specced Boomkin. Not a single feral in the bunch.

If what I have seen is any indication of what is coming up the pipe for level prepared for many bad DKs invading your random LFGs. They will be the ones in full T9 doing 800 dps. The sad thing is that some of them actually have heirloom gear......which means their bad has probably been passed off as another class on many other people.

Deathards are the new Huntards.......only worse.


"D" said...

My 37 rogue is specced combat only because a guide told me it was the best for solo leveling, since you usually wouldn't be sneaking up behind every single mob you come across. Made sense at the time .. if I get more serious about the rogue maybe I'll make the switch. :-P

And it's weird, about the deathknights. It seems to me that the ones raiding ICC atm tend to be winners, possibly because the DK has become their mains and they know how to actually play the class. I know some great, great deathknights.

But random LFG? Horrible for the most part. Yesterday, I got into a group with a doucheknight that did probably 400 dps overall ... and after inspecting, I saw that he had mostly greens (a blue or two), and NO WEAPON. That's right, the entire time he was running around punching mobs.

I was tanking that group, with my guildmates (pally healer and a mage) with me. The hunter that was in our group left after the first and only wipe, caused by the deathknight proximity aggroing a patrol in the room with the Jegoda or whatever her face is boss that goes up in the air. I jumped down the right side of the stairs, pulled that one group, and took them to the webbing leading to the final boss, while everyone else except the deathknight followed. The deathknight jumped down last, pulled a patrol somehow, ran around out of range (meaning NOT running towards the tank), and we wiped.

Since it was just myself and my guildmates, we decided to just let the deathknight stay in the group - poor guy needed the gear, right? ...

Darraxus said...

@ D: Did he really need to gear? Or a clue? Obviously, gear helps, but how do you explain having no weapon. That is just retarded. You are a much more patient person than I. The DK would have been gone with the quickness.

Anonymous said...
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SirFWALGMan said...

I have had some funny level 25 groups though.. the most common is the MELEE HUNTARD! Yes, this fine specimen goes right up to the mobs with his pet and wacks them. He then needs every sword and axe with no stats on them while his pet aggros the whole room of murlocks.

SirFWALGMan said...

@D - The Ninja Death Knight! Booyah!

Darraxus said...

@ Sir: I think most 11 year old are expected to have DPS. If they dont, then they are on good pace.

Also, I have seen at least two Melee Huntard blogs. One was about a Huntard who wanted to tank. The other one was DPSing in Black Temple during BC....terribad.

Dorgol said...

Rogues have potential to do good damage, but even though I have 5 level 80 characters, my leveling rogue just doesn't flow as intuitivily as the other characters do. I feel like I'm doing everything wrong.

I constantly run myself out of energy. If I use Finishers too early it doesn't feel like I did enough damage to justify it. If I wait too long I'm out of energy and the mob dies with 4 CPs.

Also consider that rogues have ZERO AoE pre-75. A Combat Rogue has Blade Flurry (I think it's called) to hit an extra target or two, but it has a couple minute CD.

I usually top single-target damage in my groups on my 41 rogue, but I attribue most of that to having 6 heirloom items with dual Crusader enchants. :)

Anonymous said...

It was surpisingly different for me last week when I started my deathknight.

I had not upgraded any of my starter gear and had not researched rotations. I didn't even use pestilence for the first couple runs.

However, I was doing ~500 dps and was well above all the other dps. Once I learned to blood boil and keep diseases up, I got to 800 dps.

It is shocking to think that the other players have played their character for 60+ levels and have given some thought to thier spec and still been at 300 dps.

Leah said...

I agree, nothing is wrong with combat rogues, especialy when leveling. even with daggers, you can still do all right, as long as you're not just autoattacking and remembering to refresh your poisons.

as someone with a shaman main and 2 shaman alts, not putting down totems on trash is normal. totemic recall only returns about quarter of the mana you spent on them, in outlands, while there's some agi/stam/intelect hunter gear, for the most part - you will end up wearing rogue type stuff as enhance, which means your mana pull is really really low.

that is still not an excuse to not use totems on boss fights, but I can understand not using them on trash.

DK's, well.... on one hand, some of the tooltips are very misleading. there are a few that call your abilities - spells. On the other hand, not a single piece of armor you get from a starting zone has spell power on it, so you'd think it would give them some clue...

that said, until I read the DK primer on tankspot, I was beyond confused when it came to playing my own. so many abilities, very different ability resource system - I didn't even know where to start.. in a way, like hunters, people think that DK's are a faceroll easy class to play, but really, they are not easy to play well. and because you start at 55 with some very nice set of gear - you barely have any opportunity to realize that no - DKs are not so easy after all.

Vordan said...

Remember that last group Darr? I was healing on my priest and out DPS'd the rogue who had 130dps while I had 350dps lol.