Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday.....God's Little Joke to Man

Sometimes, I feel like Monday is God's little way of saying "LOL". Like when you try to put your razor into the toothbrush jar after shaving. I just get the feeling that he is sitting next to one of those posters with the cat hanging from the curtains "Hang in there!".

Anyways, enough on that. Back to the WoW talk. On Monday. And I think my bosses boss will be at work today...../sigh.

Well, this weekend I gained two levels on Warrbringer to raise him up to level 65. In the instances I am running, my sister and I are by far the most competent players. Sometimes, we get a pretty badass DPS, but usually we are stuck with mouth breathers. Thankfully, the Outlands leveling content isnt tuned to actually need good dps, but I have yet to finish last in damage or DPS while tanking my way up.

In other Horde server news, I got my little Druid Moomender to 30....which means Nomnomhealz the Awesome got to ding him up to 59. He is sitting in Hellfire now at level 60 after some help picking up decent gear from my sister. Speaking of my sister....she got Blizzard. Goes to show that sometimes they just arent paying attention to what they are doing. Good ole head up the ass syndrome.

I also did the new Holliday boss for the first time. There were no wipes with me tanking, my sister healing, and my wife dpsing along with two other random DPS. We were really hoping for one of the vanity items, but no luck. The funny thing is that my wife took less damage than anyone else. I guess you either get it or you don't when it comes to standing in the bad. My super casual wife apparently gets it better than most.

That pretty much sums up my weekend. How was yours?

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Darth Solo said...

Ha ha thanks for the awesome video.
My weekend was very productive. My priest went from 30-something to 42 which means I finally got him Dual Spec Shadow/Holy and now I can heal even better in dungeons.