Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Of Rotations and Milking the Cash Cow

Ok, so the new patch is out. There are some pretty significant changes for Prot Warriors....because they were OP in PVP. When did you ever think that you would hear that. Prot Warrior OP in PVP. Just sounds weird. Regardless, once again Arena is screwing PvE for the rest of us. The changes are....>Drumroll Please.....

Devastate damage increased from 100 percent weapon damage to 120 percent weapon damage.

Obviously this is a buff, but where does that put our rotation now? Is devastate better than Revenge at this point? Should we be spamming devastate and using shield slam when it is up? I am sure Tankingtips will have an article before too long.

Amount of Block Value used for shield damage lowered....again. Threat increased by 30 percent.

Apparently, shield slams were still too strong in PvP after the last nerfs went down. Obviously a nerf for PVE damage. However, it will probably be a threat boost. Now all we need is a shield slam cleave and we will be awesome at AOE threat.

Warbringer no longer breaks snares (charge and intercept, intervene is unchanged).

Not game breaking for PVE, but it was nice to get out of traps and other bullshit.

Damage done by Concusion blow lowered by 50 percent.

This is actually a big nerf for PvE as well as PvP. Concussion blow did a good chunk of damage and was generally used as part of the normal threat rotation. Back to being mostly just a stun as far as I am concerned.

Overall, I am not quite sure how to feel about the changes. I will certainly need to try them out before making final judgement.

Suck Suck Suck......

That is the sound Blizzard sucking the WoW cash cow dry. They are announcing that they plan to make the Auction House available via and app on I-Phones. Seriously. Like there arent enough undercutters. Now people will be able to undercut from work. Basically, if you dont have it and are competitive on the auction house now, you will be irrelevant in the future.

Oh yeah, they are going to charge for this service....which I wont be paying for. Plus I dont even have an I-Phone. My wife does. I don't. At least I made a ton of money before this comes out.

The only thing this will truly do is allow more people to be AH campers. And probably get a few people fired for AH at work.

Anyways, that is my take, what do you think of the new (and potential) changes. What is your new rotation? Will you get milked by Blizzard like a cat (you can milk anything with nipples right?) If you don't have nipples are you immune to this latest money making scheme by Blizzard?


Arioch said...

Do soy beans have nipples? I'm rather confused on the whole soy milk thing.

A shield slam cleave ability has the potential for much awesomeness in terms of a combat animation.

bobreaze said...

The nerf to Concusion blow isnt a nerf to its threat just its damage. It still does original threat pre nerfed damage. Yeh if you can do the AH thing from the Iphone/ Ipad then im going to be pissed ow keeping up with the AH thats ok but being able to do auctions while not at the computer is gay. But atleast you wouldnt have auctioneer so it wouldnt completly kill bid low sell normal

Darraxus said...

@ Arioch: Soy Milk isnt really milk. Its more like hamburger. Grind up a cow= hamburger. Grind up soy beans = milk. Soy milk=hamburger.

@ Bobreaze: Hopefully they dont come out with a QA or Auctioneer mod for the I-Phone or we will be really screwed.

Kudos said...

Rotation wise for me sees concussive blow put back to its interrupt only usage again, SS will remain the same as always (if its up, I hit it) and devastate taking in a higher priority than revenge in high threat situations. Low threat still sees revenge taking priority for the rage/damage ratio.

I haven't had a chance to do a raid yet since the patch, but in heroics I haven't seen any real change to my dps.