Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Buff and Nerf Cycle

What happens when you get buffed and nerfed at the same time?

Nobody is unaffected by the Nerf and Buff cycle. Every class is part of it. Every player is part of it.

Even Jong, the Illest Ret Pally can't bubble out of Nerfs. And he is ill. And not ill in the sick way.....but ill in the sik way. And perhaps a little sick in the head.

I have seen every class I play go through a roller coaster of ups and downs. One thing is for sure. The buff and nerf trains are never going off the tracks. People will complain and things will change.

Paladins have seen so many buffs and nerfs that it is ridiculous. Ret Pallys in Vanilla and BC were generally laughed at. That is until they got buffed on the patch just before Wrath. Then they became demi-gods. Then they got nerfed. Then buffed. Then nerfed. Then their DPS mechanics changed. And changed some more. Then some nerfs. And some buffs.

Prot Paladins were not very viable until about midway through BC. If you were a Paladin and were not Holy, you were not going to be raiding way back when. Now they are a very sought after class.

Warrior tanks used to be "the man". Not we are possibly the weakest of the tanking classes when it comes to putting out big dps numbers while tanking. In my opinion, it is still the most fun tanking class, but that is a matter of opinion. For most people, underpowered is not fun.

It seems that pretty much all hybrid classes are the ones that get buffed and nerfed the most. Druids were almost all Resto back in Vanilla. Then they were good tanks and healers in BC. Then they were the top DPS in Wrath and got nerfed. They were the highest HP and Armor tank and got nerfed. They had the some of the best heals and got nerfed. I actually think that Druids may be the most nerfed class since BC. Rolling lifeblooms, huge health pools, and out dpsing pure dps classes will do that. I still love playing my Druid.

Pure DPS classes have gone through a lot of changes as well. Warlock sucked in Vanilla. They then became beasts in both PVP and PvE in BC only to get the nerf bat again. Then they were very low DPS once they hit 80 in Wrath. Then they were buffed. Then nerfed etc. etc.

Deathknights have pretty much seen a long line of nerfs stemming from them being incredibly OP at the beginning of the expansion.

Every class has felt it many many times. There is no point in crying over spilled milk. You cup will be refilled soon enough. Where there were nerfs, there will be buffs.

The only thing that changes are the people who are complaining.

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Kudos said...

I agree with ya on the whole warrior tanks part. I've been playing a warrior since pretty much the beginning of vanilla, and it is my favorite class to play.

I must admit though that I am almost always going to my dps spec for heroics 'cause its so much fun to be a Tasmanian Devil with bladestorm :)

I'll always strap on the sword n board for the raids tho, I'm just addicted to being beaten in the nether regions by every big ugly I can find.