Monday, February 8, 2010

Outlands Time

So, I got my Horde Warrior to 63 over the weekend. When I got to Outlands, my sister hopped on her priest and turned off her XP (she is level 66). First thing I needed to do was pick up some less craptastic gear. I entered Outlands with about 4500 hit points. Not exactly epic for a tank. The good thing about Outlands is that you find a lot of upgrades rather quickly. It is also kind of sad that same level dungeon stuff from the old content is made obsolete by some green items.

The picture above is us questing in Zangarmarsh. In some places, Shadowform is like PvP camo. There were times when I was like "WTF where are you, and she would be standing right next to me." So far I have tanked ramps a bunch of times, Blood Furnace once, and Slave pens a few times. All of the runs went very well. I am now rocking over 8k health. There was not a single dungeon that I went to where I was last in damage. Sometimes, I was even first in damage. All of those spellpower DKs probably did not help.

I also decided to get a Druid power leveled to 30 so that Nomnomhealz can grant him the levels. My Alliance Druid is named I named my Horde one Moomender. The name was actually my sister's idea. Once I hit 10 we headed over to SFK where we were doing 6.5 minute runs of the entire dungeon. I am sitting at 17 currently and we will be headed to SM once I get to level 20.

Overall, it was a pretty good weekend. How was yours.


Vordan said...

I thought it was hilarious when you were like.."Where you go?"...uh, standing next to you! Never really thought anything about blending in till you said something. Not sure what you want to do tonight I figured get Moo and your forgetable other person to 20 and we should get Noms to 60 if you want that last level. So whatever is up to you. Want to try to do some instances with Warr to.

Kusamoto said...

My Weekend: Tsurii finally got enough Frost Emblems for the absolutely BA trinket that stacks AP up to 20 times and boosts haste by 150. It's sick and wrong with the rotation I've been using. My baby mage, Katsuko, hit 22 and bought her black warchicken of destruction.

I never cared for Zangermarsh, to be honest. I always stuck around long enough to get the gemmable hat and then booked it for Nagrand.

Darth Solo said...

Wait wha...? Where's your sister? Didn't see her until the second time I checked the picture, after reading through the article. Too bad that camo doesn't confuse the mobs.

One correction if I may. It is "Outland" not "Outlands".

Oh and priests FTW.

Jangomar said...

Hey Hey. Just discovered your blog. Looks really nice btw.

I am currently leveling a Horde Warrior too. I'm working through the PuG System getting more tanking positions than I have time to fill.

I'm planning on leveling my Warrior through questing when I hit Outland because I like it so much :)

You should check out my new blog too. It's the one with Jangomar as the actual Blog title. Would love to have some inter-blogulent conversations.