Monday, March 29, 2010

Da Weekend.

Da Bears.


So, a pretty average weekend. Made a decent chunk of cash on my Horde toons though I have found that I am actually playing Darraxus a bit more and trying collecting frost emblems again. 4 more and I will be rocking a nice new pair of gloves.

The thing about Warrior tanking now....we are FUCKING AWESOME. I have yet to do less that 2500 dps in any instance on Darraxus. Only once have I been last in total damage (and not by much). This was an instance where all of the DPS were doing over 3.5 k each.

A few runs with friends I was first in total damage.

On a semi-pug weekly run that I got together, I ended up third in total damage in Naxx.

I am loving Warrior tanking more than ever. I think we are finally on the same level as Paladins for damage output. WOOHOO.

My sister frapsed a run through UP with Darraxus and her main Vordan. She will probably be posting it up before very long. I will link it up when she does.

One thing that I am remembering now is that instance runs are so much more enjoyable when done with a group of people that you actually know. I love isntances with all friends. Even if their damage sucks a bit. As long as they know what they are doing.

My next plans are to help my sister get better as a Warrior tank. She has been having a bunch of problems. This will likely be some of the focus of a future Nubcast.

Anyways, that about covers it for me. What was your weekend like?

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Harry said...

I am a pally tank and my ICC 10 group runs with a warrior tank also. I out dps him by atleast 1k every fight. The warrior does 2-2.5k and I do 3-3.8k on the bosses so its still far from even.