Thursday, March 18, 2010

Finding a money maker and HAX!!!!!!

As I previously posted, I spent a ton of money (3k to be exact) to get to the Northrend Jewelcrafting level on my Warrior. Now that I have got there, it is time to recoup some of that money!

On my Alliance server, green gems are not worth shit. I have found that on my Horde server you can make a nice chunk of change selling selling one for the price of an entire stack of saronite good.

I was down to 250 gold yesterday. I am back up to about 750 as we speak. Most of that came from selling off my surplus that I had from leveling the profession, the items that were disenchanted for me by my sister, and of course the green gems.

On my Alliance server, I have noticed that green gem prices are super low. They really arent worth shit. Well, apparently there arent a whole lot of Jewelcrafters on my server, so the normal way of things are completly out of whack. I wanted to buy a chaceldony to do the JC Daily yesterday......not a single one on the AH. Nor was there a single stack of Cobalt Ore. This morning...still no chaceldony.....and there was a single stack of Cobalt ore for 45 gold. 22 more points in JC and I won't have to use Cobalt anymore and can switch to the much cheaper Saronite.

On a shitty note, Moparman apparently got hacked somehow. I am not sure how. He probably got key logged. Who knows. His characters got stripped and they stole everything they could. This is another instance where you wonder WTF was a hacker thinking. Moparman never has shit for gold....ever. He spends it. As soons as he can. If you want to hack someone, it probably isnt really worth all of the time to hack someone that doesnt have anything.

Hacking seems to be on the rise. Be extra careful with your accounts!!!

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