Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Update

So, as you may or may not have seen, my sister and I did our podcast this weekend. I am the sexy sounding one. She is the one who apparently sounds like a little boy. Nothing incredibly important on there, just testing it out to see how it went.

Most of the rest of the weekend was spent as the last several weekends were. Leveling my Horde Warrior.

Thus far, he is level 71 (half to 72, which I will probably get to tonight).

I can officially tell you that DPS can be just as bad at 70 as it is at 80. And I can also tell you that I have yet to get a group that didnt have at least one DK in it. I have also only had one group where I was actually last in DPS and damage.

While tanking, I generally do around 800-850 dps. Many of the dps I ran with were more in the 500 range. I got in one completly amazing Nexus group that was insane. There was a Paladin and a Mage both doing 1800 dps for the duration of the run. There was also a DK in there doing over 1000. Those kinds of DPS make my runs so much easier.

The bad thing is that I am leveling this Warrior through Northrend without the advantages of having level 70 raid gear. Darraxus was over 18k health unbuffed when he hit Northrend. This toon is just barely at 13k unbuffed.

So far, if my sister has been on we have quested in Borean Tundra. If not, I would head over to Howling Fjorde to do some quests. This is where I learned that the Horde get an extra dungeon quest for Utgarrde Keep.

I also more or less finished Powerleveling my Inscription. I had been sitting at around 255 Inscription for quite some time and decided to move it on up. I got it to 405 in no time flat, so now my shoulders have the shiny delicious shoulder enchant. I am thinking that I will have to powerlevel Jewelcrafting next for the sexy gems as well as the nice trinkets.

Recently, it has felt like I abandoned my Alliance toons. Mostly because I have until there is something interesting for me to do on them. Raiding is nice.....if you have the time. Which I don't. PvP makes me want to pull my hair out. I am tired of running Heroics without having any upgrades available. On top of that, I have no motivation to level my 70 Hunter. I just don't really find the class to be that fun.

Otherwise, most of the weekend was spent with Wifey. How was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

i have a lvl 77 shammy and a lvl 71 mage that i've been playing. the groups i get in LFD are generally in-line with what you and other bloggers describe; some very good, some very bad, but mostly are decent. i've noticed one common theme though, the death knights all suck. tanks especially. if blizzard can lock you out of dungeons based on gear, why can't they look at talent specs and lock out these people who try to tank without tanking talents, i.e., anticipation, toughness, blade barrier? on the other hand most all of the warrior tanks i see do a great job. one other thing i must gripe about -- players who don't have the reagents for extended buffs, or those who don't buff at all. what's up with that?

Darth Solo said...

My weekend was fairly productive. Made a few thousand gold profit. More importantly, I gained 5 more levels on my priest.

I don't understand your fixation with warriors. I mean, what can a warrior do that a paladin can't? I tried playing a warrior once but couldn't take him past 18. It's gotta be the only class I won't touch with a 10ft pole.

Vordan said...

@ Darth - Warriors are amazing past level 50...its difficult to level them in my opinion, until then. I found out when I hit 80 though...crappy if you dont have gear. Paladins are easier to get into things. Warriors seem very gear orientated.

Anonymous said...

have leveled my 3rd warry now myself. tried this and that in between. nothing can stand up against a warry - he has just the most hair on his chest.

while tankong i was very often among the first in damage in those instance below 80. shockwave, thunderclap, cleave - maybe it just scales a bit better for us than for the dps-classes.

greetings from germany