Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WoW Lite

That seems to be more what I am playing these days as opposed to actual WoW. I "play" WoW usually about 3 days a week on or around the weekend. Usually it is for 2-3 hours each of those days.

For the rest of the week, I play WoW Lite. I only have about 15 minutes at a time to do anything once or twice a day. My version of WoW Lite is the Auction House.

I log on, gather up my gold and then get to work. I repost anything that happened to expire and then I do a mass cancel on my glyphs (only cancelling the ones that were undercut). This is done using QA 2.

I then go clear out my box and repost all of those glyphs also using QA 2. The longest part is of course clearing out your mail box. I have worked around that a bit by creating a very simple macro.

/console reloadui. Right in the middle of my bank toon's action bar.

It will reload your mailbox immediately, and you dont have to wait the annoying ass 30-60 seconds until the next batch.

If I am feeling REALLY adventurous, and have a bit of extra time, I try to do the JC daily on Warrbringer. Daddy needs him some recipes plox.

Limited time is a major theme for me right now. What is your WoW Lite?


Vordan said...

I actually havent been playing as much as I have in the past. When I was out of state I played a lot more, probably 8-12 hours a day because I had a job that allowed that and boy did that job suck. Usually now I play less than that even when I am sick. My WoW Lite is like you, the ah, but only on my horde server for some reason. Ill do that then go about my day, mostly doing nothing since im still jobless.

Kelmar said...

My wow lite is reading the blogs in the A.M. at work before the craziness happens.

I quit playing almost a year ago. It just took up too much time...

Now, I am a Xbox junkie where everything has a save point so I can stop and start when needs be.