Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Not blocked at work...means I can post a blog. Even if it is redonculous.

So, just an update on my WoW happenings.

At this point, I have been exclusively leveling my Horde Warrior. He is currently up to level 73 and slowly getting up there.

Moparman has leveled his Horde DK to Northrend range, so we have actually been able to do some instances with three of us. Our first instance in Northrend, he did a paltry 500 dps. A few days later he was up to 800....but still not doing as much as the tank.../FLEX.

I am noticing that many of the instances seem to be getting easier for my sister to heal as well. Whether she is just more familiar with the healing style of a priest or picking up new gear, he mana pool it thanking her.

On a side note, I just power leveled Jewelcrafting on my Horde Warrior. Holy Crap on Toast there is never gems on the AH seemingly. The bad thing is that the damn thing costed me nearly 3k to power level up to the Northrend level. The last few levels before I could cut green Northrend gems were absolutely brutal.

At least the cost to level it should be made up with the gems I will be selling. And I get to equip some sextastic monster stamina gems. AHHHHH YEEAHHHHHH. That was my porno voice btw.

For my fail stort of the week, I dont really have a good one. We did have our first wipe in a few weeks. Stupid tab targeting Warlock decided to pull another 1-2 groups in the drake room of UK. This made for a crispy fried healer and an ugly wipe. This Warlock had their voidwalker out at the time...../facepalm.

Sorry about the lack of posts. I have been too busy with taking care of my wife and working out to be able to post as much as I would like. I have also only been playing around 6 or so hours per week, mostly crammed onto the weekend.

Anyways, how have my beatiful fellow bloggers been?


Arioch said...

I've been just great!

I found out last night that my lack of a penis means I'm unfit to lead a guild.

Other than that, we're currently 20th on the server for 10-man ICC progression and 25th for 25-man. Maybe if I got a strap-on we would be ranked better...

Karial said...

It's getting hard to find the time to blog/interesting topics to blog about anymore! This could be because of the lack of time to play wow....

All my favorite blogs seem to be dying out. First Jong, now Cranky?? Are you next!?!

Darth Solo said...

Dude, I thought work means that you're suppose to, you know, work? Haha I get you though. I wish I could post from work. It's not that I'm blocked but that my boss sits right behind me :))

Anonymous said...

I spent 5k leveling JCing to 450. And I made that gold back in like 4-5 days. Totally worth it.