Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Return of the Fail Pug.

Oh fail pug, how I have missed you.

I am now level 70 and in Northrend with Warrbringer the Orc Warrior. I am a tank. I like to tank shit.

Me "Lets do the random dungeon for the Emblems, Gold, and XP!"

Sister: " Great Idea!"

Well. It was not the greatest idea in the word apparently.

I was tank, she was heals. We got two mages and a DK for DPS. The trash packs went down fine. It was the DPS performance on the bosses that was terribad. The two mages were doing over 1k dps for the run......because of Blizzard.

Unfortunately, the boss was something else entirely apparently. Prince Kelleseth must have taken at least 5 minutes. Healer iceblocked 3-4 time. I was iceblocked 3-4 times. The DPS got Iceblocked a few times as well. It....took...for....ever.

I was top damage and second in DPS for that boss fight. In craptastic gear. The bottom was the mage coming in at around 400 dps. Not only did they take forever to kill the boss, they apparently dont know that you are supposed to break the iceblock. I have to continually break the iceblock off of my sister so that I wouldnt get my ass handed to me.

Trash goes by decently once again and we pull up to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. DPS IS SO FUCKING WEAK. Once again, I ended up as top damage and second dps. Once again, the mages in heirloom gear were on bottom of the pile. One was at 500. The other was under 400...again.

Trash, trash, trash. The trash was fine. Then we get to Ingvar. He shouldnt be that difficult. Unless of course DPS DOESNT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK TO DO!!!!!!

We ended up wiping twice on Ingvar. The first time, he had less than 2k health left. The second time, he had around 20k. The first attempt should have been the last. I dont know what the fuck was going on, but there were two mages still up when I went down with Ingvar at 2k health. It is like they stopped....or werent DPSing to start with. After the second wipe, I just quit group. We had already been in there for close to an hour. I didnt get my shiny emblems. All I got was a craptastic pug story.


Arioch said...

Bad mages are bad, I'm terribly sorry that they ever rolled. They obviously should have been warlocks.

On the other side of the coin, it at least sounds like they were not PvP spec running around with Blastwave and Dragon's Breath and Frost Nova-ing every mob exactly where you didn't want them.

Darraxus said...

@ Arioch: Well they did have perma water elementals, which probably accounted for most of their boss DPS.

Anonymous said...

I strongly suggest, you consider queuing as DPS and your sister as the healer. There isn't much of a shortage of tanks while levelling in Northrend. There is a shortage of healers. At the very least, she can expect you to pull aggro, but the run will go much faster since you'll be carrying the group.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't the Mage's fault!

Well, ok, it was... but, if they were decked out in heirloom gear they probably learned to play through observation.

How do you kill anything in Northrend...


Blame skill-free Northrend.

and their Mothers...

Vordan said...

You know I was starting to question my ability to heal, then I realized the fights were taking incredibly long even for low levels. Ingvar was like 7 minutes on the first try. When I was level 70 on my mage I was doing 800-1100 dps without Heirloom gear, just think what they could potential do. Like Arioch said...bad mages are bad.

Tam said...

That's the worst kind of craptastic pug story - they're not even being amusingly shite, they're just ... shite shite.

Woe upon Darraxus and his sister.

Joar said...

Frost is obviously not the best spec for single target dps, but usually the spec of choice for leveling. And it does great for AoE. The really odd thing is that if someone can deck the toon out with full heirloom gear, you'd think they could also spring for dual spec so at least they could do some competitive dungeon dps.

But that is likely too much to hope for in the era of the craptastic fail pug.

My favorite so far is a warlock that I had in a party that was being out-dps'd by his voidwalker...all while doing more damage to himself than to any mobs in the dungeon by using hellfire..../facepalm