Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Fail is Strong with these ones

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday. Blocked at work again. Someone needs a Muthafvcking uppercut.

Anyways, I had very limited time yesterday and decided to do a random instance for my two emblems. My sister said she would go along and heal on her 80 to make it quicker. Thank goodness she did. Great googly moogly the dps was bad.

I was top dps. And I was top damage. Tanking.

Recount says:

Warrbringer: 869.7 DPS, 938114 damage
Random DK: 671.7 DPS, 596284 damage
Random Mage: 683.7 DPS, 516041 damage
My Sister's Holy Paladin 472.8 DPS, 405734 damage
Random Feral Druid: 433.9 DPS, 388033 damage

Yes, the tank did nearly 200 more dps and 350k damage more than the next highest DPS.

Ingvar was even better.

I did 772 dps for 36 percent of the damage
DK did 535 dps for 23 percent of the damage
Mage did 310 DPS! for 11 percent of the damage
Druid did 502 for 19 percent of the damage.

I wonder if the fact that I had an 80 along brought out all of the bads to play?

Or is it just me that is a magnet for bads?

Just like a tootsiepop, the world may never know.

That reminds me. Mr. Owl deserves a Muthafvcking uppercut.


Askevar said...

Why is it that some of us just attract these types?

I just spent 12 minutes 2 manning the joust in H-ToC with the random tank [I was healing on my shaman].

The three dps kept running away and dying from the mobs AND demanding rezzes.

After we managed to down it the three dps each selected one of the targets and OOMed me because they wouldn't burn ONE down. Tank dropped mid-fight, so I did as well to try and avoid the repair bill. Ugh.

Dorgol said...

I've been messing around on a DK the last week. I've made a few in the past, but never played one seriously.

Thanks to Dungeon Finder, though, I'm rocking out to the DK jam.

Anyway, I'm 66 now. I'm still wearing pretty much everything I got out of the starter zone (I've replaced a neck and bracers). And I'm pulling about 650 DPS as a Frost DK in Frost Presence. So far only ONE person has out DPS'd me in the dozen or so instances I've run - and that was a 65 DK just this morning. That guy was putting out 1800 DPS single target... 3x what I've been doing.

I checked his gear to find that he had stacked some green items with 16 STR gems. Now I'm tempted to do the same...

Vordan said...
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Vordan said...

You know with that instance, on most fights I was second in dps. I would do anywhere from 600-900 dps if I was trying hard enough, while I seem to always seen the druid at 250-300dps. I know it is low level but think about it, it really isnt that difficult, I would imagine.

Yesterday on my 65 shaman, I did 2500 dps in AC on the skelly room (I average 1100), and I even dueled a 74 shaman and did 1000dps (and I got him down to 5% health before I lost.)

It seems too often, me and Darr get put into these groups that never do enough dps. If I would have brought my priest it not only would have taken forever, but I wouldnt have been able to heal through past Prince in UK.