Friday, March 26, 2010

Ok, so I lied a little bit.....

I had at least a minor tinge of happiness about the last patch with all of the prot warrior changes. Then I decided to dust of Darraxus.

Yes, I dusted him off and did something instance related for the first time in about a month. I wanted to check out the beautiful new revenge.

And let me just say. I creamed my jeans.

I did a random, which ended up being Heroic UP. Darraxus can still actually use a lot of frost badges.....yes I am a slacker.

After the first several trash pulls leading up to Svala Sorrowgrave, I was rocking about 3k dps. Rocking it like a fucking hurricane. Or a paladin.

That is one of the bad things about the deep wounds spec. It really distorts the mirror when you are standing there trying to measure your epeen.

Sorrowgrave.....flys into the air with deep wounds on her....tick....50 dps.....tick 50 dps....tick 50 dps. Thats how much was being lost. She was dead before she even landed the first time.

This group was pretty much awesome. Two of the DPS were over 4k. The DK was at 4.8k. I out damaged the mage, but he was still pulling around 3k plus dps.

I basically bull rushed the isntance like a fat kid rushes a buffet.

We cleared it in no time flat. In the end even with the boss fights that are terrible for tank dps as a Warrior (Svala, Trophy room, Last Boss), I ended up rocking about 2500 dps.

22 percent of that damage was revenge!!!!

Revenge I love you. I wish I could quit you. And I hope they dont nerf you.

Darraxus is back. Kicking ass and taking names. Or at least just kicking ass.


Vordan said...

Maybe you playing on Darr will give me some incentive to play Vordan and get my ret set as complete as my holy set. Youll have to give me some tips with tanking, I seem to not be cutting it.

Arioch said...

The prot warrior in my guild had a similar reaction. I think there was mention of hard ons in relation to the new revenge.

Ironshield said...

Damnit Darraxus, now I've got to go play my warriors... guess them clothie-flopsie dps toons are going back on the back-burner...

Fuubaar said...

"Rocking it like a fucking hurricane. Or a paladin."

Damn straight! We paladin's know how to rock your face off! Hell, we are so OP that we zone in & the trash just steps aside.
"All you my lady"
The trash even escorts me to the door like gentlemen that they are.

Welcome to my world grandpa!

<3 Fuu

PS: Grats on your new warrior skillz that killz