Friday, July 29, 2011

Deep Undercutting

Deep undercutting is a method used on the Auction House of continually undercutting by large amounts. This is to discourage AH campers.

This method can work very well against campers asuming you can get below their posting threshold.

When you deep undercut just for the sake of deep are a douche.

I hate when people in the gem market undercut gems by 50-100 gold. It is annoying and dumb.

Sorry, Im just hating. I am a nickel and dime undercutter. I undercut everything by 1 silver generally. I can't stand deep undercutters. I will still undercut them, but they are cutting into my profits. On occasion, I will buy them out and reset the market. This is in the hopes that they dont have too much stockpiled.

I wonder if deep undercutters dislike nickel and dime undercutters as much as we dislike them.


Anonymous said...

Everytime I come into the market to sell items (which is infrequently) I almost always post up deep undercuts from prevailing prices ... for the simple fact that I would rather hold gold than items. The minor losses to an infrequent seller of deeply undercutting the market are usually minor. I suspect that every trader hates any seller that takes away their ability to set the price ... but that's why its a free market.

Vordan said...

Usually the items I get are in small limited amounts, of items I usually won't have very often and if I want to get it out of my bags, which you know me with my bags and bank, deep undercutting is the only way to get rid of it. Holding onto something for a week or more is discouraging when my bags and banks continue to fill up.

Dancingblade said...

What the infrequent deep undercutter sometimes doesn't realize is that the campers are using addons (hello TSM) to continually scan/post, and will immediately undercut the just-posted auction. Now, not only does your item NOT sell, but the market price is deflated.

If you're willing to do long-term battle versus the camper, that's a different story altogether.

Darraxus said...

@ Dancingblade: That is exactly what I mean. I use automated posting, so I am just going to undercut whoever is lowest usually. It makes a deflated marketplace, and the dipshit who undercut a gem from 180 down to 65 doesnt make a sale.

Adgamorix said...

If I can deep undercut and a) make a sale or b) drive down your profits - I consider it a victory. Granted, there's no shortage of gold in WoW, but there's no reason for a gem or glyph to cost what they do either.

I've also used this method to get something I want, cheaper. I deep undercut at a price I'm willing to accept. Bots undercut me. I buy out what they post at 1/3 of what I would have paid if I hadn't deep undercut. I don't care if I just cut their profits, or if I just ruined the market - and I consider any hate mail I get to be pure bonus.

Darraxus said...

@ Adgamorix

Your thinking is flawed unless your main goal is to be an asshole in that market.

You may not make the sale anyways as most people automate their reposting and dont care that you deeply undercut. You are hurting your profit as well unless it sell, in which case, it would have likely sold for the higher price.

The second part I do agree with when it comes to botters. Undercut them with a few items to a point you want to pay then buy out all of their stock. That is legit.

Your way of playing is not wrong, but it is certainly wrong for me. I prefer higher profit for less time spent.