Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gold Making Meme

Ok, so there are always meme's running around WoW blogs (if that is what they are actually called). I have a few questions for other people around here. If you want. feel free to post it on your blog and answer the questions there.

1) What is the most gold you have ever owned?

I am currently at my high amount of gold at around 1.3 million.

2) What is the most gold you have made in a single day.

I actually havent kept an accurate count on this, but I know it is somewhere between 30-40k as I have several 30k plus days for sales.

3) What is your favorite market?

For me it is currently jewelcrafting with enchanting coming in second. Back in the day, it was inscription but I find it much less profitable for the time spent.

4) What is you favorite "unconventional" way to make gold.

I would have to say that flipping recipes of all kinds would be my answer here. I make a nice mint grabbing stuff for cheap and flipping. Low level blue items would come in second here.

5) What frivolous things do you spend your gold on?

I dont spend a whole lot on my self, but I do have a vial on my main. For my wife however.....I have gotten here a vial of the sands, two mammoths, and a whole crap ton of pets.

Feel free to answer the questions in the comments or post it up on your blog and tag someone else to answer if you like.

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