Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Update

What did I do this weekend. A lot of frickin dailies. Yeah.

Beside that, I also did quite a lot of auctioneering.

I bought out the entire inferno ruby market and reset it to 250 gold. One of my competitors came in and moved it down to 200. Then another posted a monster wall at 125. I bought them all for 85-110 gold, so I will make profit on them, but the second guy is a douchebag. I made sure I was lower than him for the rest of the day.

I also healed a Heroic with my Druid which was actually pretty decent.

We got Heroic Deadmines, which I find to be a pretty enjoyable instance. We got through the first couple of bosses on one shot. It took us about 5 tries to get down the stupid robot boss. We got killed by an add every time we wiped. The mage got kicked because he was doing around 7k dps. I think the real problem was that he was getting killed constantly.

We went on to one shot the rest of the bosses. I got a pair of feral boots for my trouble.

These firelands dailies are going to take forever.

You turn in the 20 Marks of the World Tree of unlock the Firelands.

You turn in 150 to two different factions to unlock the next part.

Then after you do that, they ask you to turn in 125 more to three different vendors! FFS!

On a postive note, my wife is almost done with the Argent Tournament which means no more jousting for me WOOHOO!

How was your weekend?

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Anonymous said...

Dear Darraxus,

Sorry about the post in this section I didnt know where to put it. xD Well my friend and I are currently leveling as druids for RaF and we are doing instances. I specced as resto at level 10 and he went balance. I found myself healing really stellar till we got to Strat. (I have always hated Strat.) Anyway i found myself to the point where the tank would pull too many mobs and would take way to much damage for me to keep up with the damage. He may have just qued for the highest level dungeon that he could and then the mobs were to high of level so he took a lot of damage, I dont know. But my healing was really good before then and then *blehhh* horrible healing. Do you think you could help me?

Kelluid (level 49 Resto Druid)