Monday, July 25, 2011


Seriously. Where has all the ore gone. There is barely any available on my server and it is going for 50ish gold a stack. It is very difficuly to keep up with gem demand when you dont have any gems.

I wonder if there was a mass bot banning recently. Normally there would be pages of ore on the AH and plenty of competition. Recently there are maybe one or two pages total to choose from.

The one good thing coming out of this is that orange and purple gems have gone up in price and I am actually selling some for more than I am selling rubies.


Just an update on my weekend. Dailies. That is all. Lots of dailies.


Nev said...

Same on my server except Elementium is up at 80g a stack & Obsidium at 80-100g a stack. I did get 75 stacks for 36g each the other day but that was a fluke. Since 4.2 hit, I've not seen more than 10-15 auctions on AH for ore at any one time.

Dinaer said...

Elementium has been at 65-70 and obsidium at 75-80 for a few weeks now. Despite that, gem prices have not risen, which is definitely cutting into the profit margins of all JC. I can only guess that several JC still have some ore stockpiled.